Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome to our new followers!

First up, hello to Rosy from Brazil who writes a blog, rosyminiaturas, with lots of pictures about her dolls and projects :)

There's Kiva from Hawaii, who is one of the world's finest food miniaturists, and whose blog I've been reading for a very long time now with the greatest enjoyment.  Not only is a she a great artist, she writes in a really fresh and personal way that makes her posts convey her personality as well as her artistry.

There Dale of Dale's Dreams, who is a prominent miniature maker on Etsy.  (She's having a giveaway right now to celebrate reaching 200 followers :)  She's also one of the founding members of the Miniatures in Dollhouse Scale team, and has a great shop at Etsy.

There's Susan of Susan's Houses, who says that she "recently acquired a couple of dollhouses at my local thrift shop.  It started an avalanche of miniatures", which has to be the best summation of how I feel, at least about this hobby -- it whacked me, and all of a sudden things have all got very, very small :)

And there's Nuri, from Spain who blogs at Las Minis de Nuri.  She's a new blogger who is working on quite a few small houses and roomboxes with plenty of colour!

Welcome to you all!

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