Friday, April 16, 2010

Welcome to our new followers!

I'm more than a little stunned and amazed (in a very happy way) at how many followers have joined this blog in the last day.  Thank you all, so much, for your interest and support!  For those whom I have not had a chance to thank personally, please forgive me.

There's Annie from Denmark whose blog is Obsidian Hall (I love that name.  It's so evocative).  She's got a dark, patinated, slightly grungy or distressed (in a very good way!)  aesthetic which I really enjoy.

There's aru, from Spain, whose blog amounts to a beautiful photo essay on miniatures!

There's annina from the UK, who specialises in modern miniatures (which I love, as well) and who is featured in an April 7 story in the NY Times about modern design in miniatures!

There's Bözse from Hungary, who loves making her own miniatures (and I have to agree, it's pretty addictive :)

There's Julia of Bear Cabin Miniatures from Wales, who started building a dolls' house for her daughter and now makes and sells wonderful furniture, needlework and accessories from her Etsy store!  (That's her Victorian sofa at the top of this post ...)

There's Kat who runs the Mini Madness Virtual Tea Party with her "co-conspirator" Wendie.  This blog's goal is to give miniaturists from all over the world a place to gather, chat and do all the things we might do if we could meet in person!

There's Sylvia from Spain, whose aesthetic is warm, romantic and slightly shabby (very European) and whose blog is full of delicious photos!

There's Tallulah-Belle who makes amazing miniature garden plantings and floral arrangements, and whose blog also has some tutorials.  She also has an Etsy shop!

There's also Synnøve, a Norwegian blogger, whose blog mixes photos of beautiful Nordic style miniatures (lots of patina, soft colours, very romantic) with photos of mind-blowing Norwegian scenery.  Gorgeous!

There's Teresa from Tiny Ter Minaitures, an IGMA artisan from Spain who makes an extraordinary range of miniatures from flowers, fruit and food to modern grocery items.  So perfect!

There's another IGMA artisan, Mags Cassidy, a busy miniaturist from the UK who also has an Etsy shop (in fact she's got a very tempting Tudor food board for sale right now ... :)

There's Katerina from Italy whose blog is lively and has some great tutorials (like a basket making tutorial that I simply have to try with the kids)!

And, finally, thanks also to our mysterious follower Monique!


  1. Thank you for the welcome. Hmmm...mysterious not at all. Guess you didn´t get a link to my blog.

  2. Sorry, Annie! For some reason when I checked your icon as listed on the followers section, there was no blog listed :( Thanks for the correction, and I'll make my own, now!


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