Friday, April 9, 2010

Egg carton stones

I've been researching making stones or bricks out of egg cartons, because I thought it might be a great way of edging the fireplaces in the kitchen.

Problem is, it's darned hard to find paper egg cartons with solidly flat lids where I live.  And the ones I can find are pretty flimsy (not like the egg cartons I remember when I was a child :)  But I really want to try this technique, so I guess I'll be buying a lot of eggs!  What can I make with a lot of eggs? (besides meringues, for pity's sake, because when I consume meringues, a great deal of whipped cream is involved :)

If you want to check out this technique, here are some two links:

China Doll -- Brick Tutorial

Carol Jones's Egg Carton tutorial at Victoria Miniland

This one also has some wonderful suggestions for grouting in general!


  1. Thanks for the links, they look really fab! We have the same problem here, no flat tops on the cartons. Here's a good idea for the rest of the carton, it's in Finnish but the pics are good. Those firestarters are really good, my friend made couple for me and they work so well :) I like them more when you dip them so that they have thicker layer of paraffin, so that the text etc. don't show throuhg.

    Have a fab weekend,


  2. Wow, fascinating idea! Why didn't I know about it earlier? So interesting, must try it one day! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks, MJ -- and that link for the firestarters is fabulous! My mum used to soak pinecones in paraffin and various chemicals, so that the fire would have different colours (she was a chemist, so knew what she was doing :) I wonder if the two projects could somehow be combined? I must ask her about the chemicals when I see her tomorrow ...

    Thanks, OM -- I think one of the things I love about miniatures is how creative people get when creating them. It just amazes me how people work out wildly different ways of reproducing objects at scale -- and I think it encourages us all to come up with new solutions.

  4. If you get to know the chemichals, I would be happy also to know them :) And don't worry, my friend is a chemist also, so she can help me safely :)


  5. I found an article online which contains instructions that seem pretty close to what I remember my Mum doing (it's the wax pinescones with chemicals one)


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