Monday, April 5, 2010

Kitchen Plan

Before I go any further, here's a little sketch of the ground floor of the kitchen wing.  It's not to scale, but shows the relative placement of features.

David and I cut the floor and walls of this wing a couple of days ago out of 3/8" plywood.  I marked the back up for windows and doors, and I've cut most of these out with a hand-held jigsaw.  I just have a few more to do, and then we can assemble the shell, leaving off the main floor's room.

I've planned the fireplace/oven wall of the kitchen so that I will add 2" depth of wood in which the fireplace and oven openings have been cut.  David made those cuts earlier today on the band saw.   The fireplace will need a brick back and two cob irons.  The ovens will need to be built into the sawn gap as per Brian Long's instructions.

With the hotplate top just about finished, I'll be able to construct that inner wall; one reason I made the hotplate first!

Tiddles wants to make the circular staircase all by herself, so she'll be in charge of that. I found instructions varying from the terminally vague to the over elaborate, so we'll have to fake our way through it!


  1. Boy, you have a lot of contruction going on! I would love to do my house of plywood, but as I'm lazy as hell and my hub isn't the best woodworker (read - really bad), I ended up with cardboard - so much easier to cut windows :D

    And doing a spiral staircase yourself - gosh. I've been having that thought, but skipped it as I can imagine all the measuring and cutting, too much tiny bits where to go wrong :D


  2. Heh heh -- we'll see how the circular stairs go, MJ -- I'm not terribly sanguine about them, myself!

    It does help having a handy husband with a workshop, for sure. The method we use is really simple, though -- my next post will be all about it -- and it could certainly be done with hand held tools.

    But cardboard sounds best of all! How wonderful to just cut out windows without getting a drill and saw out! And no sawdust :)


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