Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to all our new followers!

Wow!  So many new followers -- thank you all so much :)

There's miniaturist Heather Cutting-Rayl from New Mexico in the United States. Her blog is This Little Doll House, and she has a special interest in witch and wizard minis.

There's Susan from Istanbul in Turkey, whose blog is Kankadolls and Miniatures.  She makes incredible papier-maché dolls that have to be seen to be believed!  She also very generously offers all kinds of tutorial on how to make them.

There's Jeanette from Germany whose blog is Garden of Miniatures.  She doesn't just make flowers, she makes whole gardens (and graveyards ...)!

There's Ingrid from Belguim, whose blog is mijn droomwereldje.   Her aesthetic is soft, slightly shabby, turn of the last century (what the English might call Edwardian) interiors. 

There's Daydreamer who has a brand new blog with some wonderful photos and musings about the connection between her dolls' houses and her childhood.  Very evocative.

There's Flora from Italy, whose blog is la casa delle bambole di flora. Her header image is an Ingres portrait that I've always loved, which sets the tone for the pretty, slightly shabby mini objects and scenes she photographs. 

There's My Small Obsession, run by MiniMaker, who also runs the video site Creating Dollhouse Miniatures.  Her blog has tons of helpful advice and how-tos.

There's bogna from Poland, who has a number of blogs and interests, including I Love That Doll.

There's Cheryl from Hawaii, whose blog is A Miniature Place.  She shares lots of photos of beautiful, tasteful mini objects and decorating, and, in addition to work in 1:12 scale, shares pieces in quarter scale, too.

There's also Peggy Fowler, KLC,  Susanne and Mary, whose profiles didn't seem to be linked to a blog of their own.  If you do have a blog, please let me know and I'll correct this :)

Welcome, all!


  1. I thank you for having appointed Ingres:
    his paintings are poetic.
    For my Victorian home I'm preparing many reproductions of him.
    Have a nice day :-)

  2. FANTASTIC BLOG!!!!! I'm loving it!!

  3. Flora: I love Ingres, too. I love how he distorts anatomy for poetic purposes :)

    Kiva: Wow! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome ;)


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