Monday, April 5, 2010

Brick hotplate top, more detail

Okay, I decided to go ahead and do some more work on the hotplate top.

First of all I finished the bricking (it actually took a full package of mini bricks -- 50 of them) then painted the individual bricks to give them more character.  I mixed the acrylic artist's paint with a medium lustre acrylic medium, so I sealed them as I painted them.

Then I mixed down some Poly Fix -- a fairly fine crack filler -- with water to make it the consistency of thick glue.  I tinted it a little, but could have tinted it more.  (As it is, I'll have to go over the grout and "age' it.)

I then loaded up the tool on the right of the photo, above -- it's a "Monoject" syringe used for gluing, and I happened to have a spare one.  It worked just fine, once I trimmed a little off the tip (making the opening big enough for whatever particles are in the Poly Fix.)

I grouted the bricks, then cleaned them off (I used baby wipes, because I always have them around for polymer clay work).  I left the piece then for about three hours, and when I came back, the grout had very politely sunk more deeply into the lines, and I applied a second layer of the stuff, and cleaned it off again.

I think it'll look quite good when I "dirty" it up a little with paint and it's set in place!  I'm already looking for mini cauldrons and such to put on the hot plate when it's done :)

UPDATED:  just had to add these two photos of the finished work.  I'll add some more soot when the thing is in situ.


  1. That looks great!!!!
    Luv the colour!

  2. Thanks, Deni! It's probably the faux finishing that I love the most about making miniatures myself.


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