Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mats from Glenda!

I had a lovely (very flat) package arrive in the mail yesterday from New Zealand.  It contained the rush mats I ordered from Glenda Howell's shop at Etsy!  (Glenda is the blogger behind Peppercorn Minis).  I think they're stunning -- the workmanship on these has to be seen to be believed.

They're suitable for modern settings, of course, but also great for the chambers of the well-to-do of the Medieval or Tudor era (which is why the top one will live in the bedchamber in the tower) and the spaces of the working class in the Georgian era or later (so one will be in the servant's room in the Queen Anne house.

Glenda is away taking care of her Mum right now -- I hope it's going as well as it can, Glenda, and thank you for sending me these beauties :)


  1. They are great, nice detailing in them.

  2. The set is very persuasive. I must say that the rug is just perfect in its simplicity. Beautiful quilted bedspread also: have you done?
    A hug

  3. I also have one of Glenda's Rush Mats and they are lovely.

  4. I love the way they add another texture to the rooms :)

    Flora, I didn't make the beadspread -- I bought it from The Linen Press online:

  5. I love her carpets and other stuff also, I'm going to order some when I get the houses in such point that I can get the measurements for them.

    And I have to say that your stone flooring looks really nice :)

  6. Glenda's work is great! I loved the rush mat I bought and the little bag! Her potion bottles are great too! :o)) Looking good Nina! ;o)

    Michelle xx

  7. Thanks, Ira and Michelle! Her potion bottles look amazing -- they must be quite something in person. And the other rugs she makes are beautiful, too.

  8. These mats are almost universal with a bit of variations culture to culture. I will need loads for my houses as well :) Gorgeous rooms, Nina!

  9. Hi Nina - I love seeing my little mats in situ! Thanks for the kind comments!
    I'm a bit slow to catch up in blogland after my time away :)


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