Saturday, April 10, 2010

Playing with the kitchen :)

I've moved the Kitchen Hall up to my workroom, and I've been playing with furniture and accessories, trying to get a sense of scale and what I can fit in this room.

I think I'll put a shelf above the hotplate, so I'll make the arch a little higher there than it would have been.  It'll be nice to have some extra storage space for pots and so forth, because I think I'm going to be a little short of it, otherwise!  It's at times like this that I really regret only making the dolls castle 12 inches deep -- it's a bit skimpy sometimes.

This is the fireback I'm going to use here, and I moved the sucking-pig-on-a-spit in here from the Great Hall, where it lived over Christmas.  I won't need this sort of andiron here -- I'll have cob irons built in, with niches for logs on either side of the fire.  The back of the fireplace will be bricked.

You'll have to use your imagination extra hard, here!  Imagine there's a wall between the ovens and the next room, which will be the storeroom (see the barrels?) I think only a fairly slender table will work here -- I was going to put a plain wood settle on this wall, but I think I need storage and display space more than a comfy place for the cook (me!) to sit :)  The sideboard in the picture is a little too fancy for this time period for a kitchen, but I do like the potboard underneath it.  I bought it for my William and Mary house, but I guess it'll do here until I make something a bit more rustic!

Edited to add this photo of the perfect early Tudor sideboard, from Hampton Court -- this is it!  And the stone colour is the perfect reference for this floor ...


  1. Is the storeroom going to be only where the barrels are? It will be interesting:)

  2. It's hard to visualize it, but it'll be that whole end of the structure. It'll have a wooden platform, lots of beams for hanging food, a couple of rats :)

  3. It's looking great! The rats sound fun :)


  4. Yes, I must have rats so all the cats have something to do :)


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