Friday, April 9, 2010

Castle kitchen - floor and hotplate

When the KnitWits met yesterday, we worked a bit on the kitchen.  Tiddles helped me cut the wood for the hot plate surround and she and Fred worked on the kitchen floor.  We smeared a relatively level amount of Poly Filla over the floor and then the kids scored it with knitting needles to make stones.  It needs to be sanded and so forth, but they did a great job :)

Later, I used the balsa wood cut outs that Tiddles made to construct the box in which the brick hot plate (over the charcoal burners) will live.  Again, it needs a lot of cleaning up (and I need to make the arch which will form the top of the hotplate opening) but it's starting to look like a room, already.  I'm not going to glue it in place yet -- at least not until Tiddles has had a chance to build the spiral staircase.


  1. I love the floor tiles! They already look so good! And this arch between the two walls is superb!

  2. Oh, thank you, OM! It's at the stage where it looks very sketchy to me, and I'm having problems visualizing what it will look like in the end :)


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