Monday, April 19, 2010

Cob irons, part 2

Cob irons, part 1

My next task was to make the "iron" part of the cob irons, the part that holds the spit.  I'd already decided to make a black polymer clay facing, but I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to use to make the actual supports for the spit.

I thought about using more clay or heavy wire, but then I found some little brass right angle screw hooks in the kitchen hardware drawer that seemed as if they might work.

After I glued the trimmed brick facings to the plywood, I rolled out some black polymer clay for the front.  After it was baked I trimmed the clay to fit, and glued it on.  I then marked and drilled five holes in each piece, starting with the lowest hole 1 inch from the bottom and the others at 1/2" intervals above it.

(At the bottom of the next photo you can see a sample of the original brass hook.  I had to trim the hook part because it was too long and out of scale when I tried it as is.)  I'm really glad I went with the hooks and that they were comparatively easy to trim.  They're nice and secure and sturdy.   I painted them black with acrylic paint.

And here are the cob irons in place!   I know the suckling pig looks rather odd roasting over an invisible fire, but the kitchen flames are on order from eBay :)


  1. Wow, now you can hang many meat to roast them at once. Birds too ;)

  2. I'm still laughing about the pheasant running away :)

    Aren't kitchens interesting? From any period of history, they have so many bits and pieces to them. And they tell us so much about social history, too. I've learned so much doing miniatures, and I'm so grateful to the Internet. It makes doing research (especially visual research) easy!

  3. You make such a great and inspiring work. Would neve have thought of using polymer clay as iron... Can´t wait for you to invite all your miniature friends for a giant medieval party... I´ve got my hemp dress ready ;0)

  4. Woo hoo, Annie! Hemp dresses for all!

    I'm itching already :)


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