Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kitchen storeroom

Yesterday I built a little platform in the storeroom and framed in the door to the kitchen.  I shaped each of the boards that make up the platform (they're just offcuts of pine I stole from my husband's workshop) and I really like the effect.  Now I want to build a new table with a top actually constructed from boards!

There's going to be a little ladder up to the platform and then another ladder up to the room above.  See the little stool I made?  Katie Cat has curled up on it, to keep an eye on the pheasants.  Or perhaps she caught them.  We may never know.


Thursday evening, while David and I watched a dvd (New Tricks -- do you know it?  A great police procedural from the UK) I made my first attempt at making dead pheasants out of polymer clay :)  Then last night, while David and watched a dvd (State of Play, a thrilling BBC series -- I know, there's a theme developing here :) I made my first attempt at painting dead pheasants made of polymer clay :)

They're a little garish, but I'm quite pleased for my first attempt.  Not as hard as I thought they'd be, although I felt very sorry for them, making them dead and all.  Next time I'll actually go back upstairs and get a small brush for the markings, instead of being lazy and using the brush I happened to have in my hand!

The blue embroidery floss is temporary.  I doubt even wealthy Tudors used blue cord to hang up their pheasants.  But I had to hang them up right away, and shove them in David's face.  "Look!"  I said.  "Dead pheasants!"  "Yes, I see" he said, politely (he's English).  "How fascinating."

He's really very patient with me and my enthusiasms :)

Finally, here's a view from the storeroom door into the kitchen itself.


  1. I can imagine those words said in the English accent - lol :D My hubs cousins live in London and I love the accent, it's so sophisticated :)

    And the store room looks really great, I love the boards and I want also some dead pheasant! So cute, if you can say a such thing about a dead... Well, we're not that polite here in Finland - everytime I show something mini I've made, my hub just grunts :D


  2. I'm lucky that David is a modelmaker himself (most English people seem to be -- for him it's ships and trains), so he kind of gets the fascination with little things. But if I try to show him too many things, I get grunts, too!

    That's one reason it's so great to have friends online, with whom we can share our obsession :)

  3. I like the storeroom and the dead pheasants too :)Can't wait to see the table with the top from boards:)

  4. The dead pheasants are great, fab work for your ever first attempt. I agree with you about the blue cord though, some really weathered rope perhaps instead?
    Are you going to be having anything else hanging in your storeroom? Once I get the basics sorted I thought about having a go at a meat safe hanging from the ceiling and maybe some wild boar or rabbit - they are very much in the 'thoughts' stage at the moment though lol as I work out the best way to do them.

  5. Everything looks great and I like the conversation about the grunting men! And like Ira, I can hear him talking!!!! :D
    Synnøve :)

  6. Thanks, Emma and Synnøve! Heh heh :) Or, as the Dutch say, jejejeje (which I adore!)

    I have so many things I want to put in the storeroom, unfortunately it's very, very small :) I'm going to have an iron hanger for game, with a big chopping block underneath. I like the idea of a meat safe!

  7. I love the store-room with the pheasants and the rustic wooden platform! I agree that finishing the wood too much is a more modern idea that they just didn't have time for in the medieval era. Probably too busy building stone castles and jousting with each other!
    I'm embarrassed to say that I noticed that when I signed in to your blog late last night (a first for me!) I somehow managed to replace YOUR picture with MINE on the heading of YOUR follower list! How did I do that? Can you fix it? Can you forgive me for being so maladroit?

  8. Sorry, I had to giggle at dreamer's comment :). It is funny that you manage to swap pictures with Nina's. Don't you have to be a hacker to do that? ;p.

    I really love the rustic feel of this room. I am always fascinated at how the store and kitchen of these medieval /Tudor houses always looked rather run down, old and even dirty in the movies, no matter how powerful and rich the owners are :).

    Apart from other mini lovers through my bog, I have stopped showing my minis to friends and relatives too often :) except maybe to elicit an opinion on choice of colours etc (and only to a few supportive friends). There is just so much grunts and bored looks I can take At least my sis enjoys the right hobby, she bakes and everyone loves good food

  9. Such Wonderful work i love your pheasents great job

  10. The pheasants look really great for your first go. Love the way they are just hanging there lol.

    I have a very English accent too but I am not always polite :-) Where is David from ?

  11. David's from North London, but went to university in Newcastle and Oxford, so his accent is a bit all over :) He's been in Canada for about 40 years and is even more English now than when he arrived!

  12. LOL

    I am from Birmingham originally so my 'natural' accent is like Ozzy Osborne sans the mind altering drugs :-)

    No one her understands me so I had to learn to really slow down and enunciate.

    Now I am told I sound like one of the royals lol.

    My hubby grew up less than 1/4 mile from me but he has been here almost 20 years and the Brum accent combined with the California accent sounds more Australian lol.

    But when people hear us talking to each other they say it is like we are speaking a foreign language :-)

    Hubby g

  13. Hi, Rebecca here, first comment after reading your blog for, like, a month. I figured it was overdue.

    I love the platform and the pheasants certainly look better than anything I could ever make. Actually, if you squint a little bit, they look real.
    I'd like to see some more photos of your castle.
    Overall, your blog is great, reading it is lots of fun and it's inspirational, too.

    P.S. Stick with the blue floss. It's awesome. I think it looks great-not to mention, blue is my favorite color. Who cares if it's not completely period accurate- I'm sure the Tudors would have loved it if dying hadn't been so expensive!

  14. ME GUSTA MUCHO, si me lo permites copiare tu idea, desde Mexicali un saludo


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