Monday, April 19, 2010

More pots by Suramics!

David came back from the post office with a lovely little parcel for me:  more goodies from Sue Dix of Suramics Pottery!  Aren't these pretty?  I love the blue and brown glaze on these so much.  Thanks, Sue -- you do great work!

I took this photo of the kitchen last night.  I'm really pleased with how it's all coming together.  Now I need to start on the bake oven!


  1. This pottery is fab! I'm having to back track over many missed posts of yours! It's all looking fantastic so far Nina. ;o)

    Where will the Tudor dolls house go once it's completed? Will you keep it in your home or?

    Michelle xxx

  2. Wow that pottery is great...looks really good in the kitchen.

    I am playing catch've been a busy blogger :-)

  3. Yeah, Sue's pottery is really lovely. She's got some little blue pots for sale right now, and I'm having to keep myself from rushing over to Etsy and buying them. I must stop miniature shopping!

    Michelle -- you've asked the 64,000 dollar question :) I have no idea! Our current plan is, in our next house, to have one room devoted to miniatures -- to David's trains and ships and to my houses. Or, because the castle is modular and is very much a joint effort between me and the KnitWits, we may circulate chunks of the castle among us. Although they'll hit teenagerhood soon, and may not want to have anything to do with dolls houses, so I'll get it all to myself!

  4. I like a lot these new dishes: they are perfect for the tudor kitchen! I think you're doing everything with extraordinary care and that is good! In my opinion, is very important to stay in the historical period when building a dollhouse. Everything is in the details.
    I follow you with pleasure.

  5. Thank you, Flora! Your comments mean so much to me :)


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