Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kitchen doorway and sideboard

I had a few minutes, so decided to trim the door from the kitchen to the storeroom.  I used really thin balsa for the sides of the frame and thicker balsa for the lintel.  Thank heavens for photos in macro!  The photo below showed me that I hadn't pushed the lintel far enough down on the right hand side, and the glue was still wet, so I could fix it easily!

I stained the balsa with some of the left over colour wash from the wall -- burnt umber, a little white, lots of water.

And I dressed up the sideboard for the photo.  Two nights ago I made a couple of trial sugar cones or sugar loaves.  I'm going to do a tutorial on those soon, although they're so easy a tutorial isn't really necessary :)


  1. This is looking fabulous! I've had to go back quite a few posts to catch up! I love your wall wash, it looks really realistic. Really quite wonderful overall. :o)

    I can't wait to get my teeth truly into Hogwarts! lol

    Referring back to a previous post, there ARE a lot of artisan's who only sell at shows and don't have websites etc. So, yes it would be great for you to come over to the UK when either Kensington is on or Miniatura. I'm going to Kensington this year, and I'm terribly excited! ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  2. Thanks, Michelle!

    I'll have to google Miniatura to find out when and where it's held. Usually mid-May is good for us, for a trip to England; it's just a fluke that we'll be a week too late for Kensington this year :(

    Are you going to Kensington as an exhibitor/vendor or as a visitor/buyer? Are you going to do any of the workshops? WILL YOU TAKE PHOTOS???? :)

  3. Hi from Spain,What amazing project!Regards,Sonia.

  4. Miniatura is held in Birmingham (at the N.E.C) at the end of March, but there are others too around the UK. I'd Google it yes, so that you can find out all the venues and dates.

    I'm going to Kensington Festival as collector/buyer. ;o)) No I won't have time to participate in any workshops and it would mean I'd have to stay overnight in London. Yes, I AM taking my camera for photo's and I will also show on my blog what I bought. ;o)) Kensington Festival is on twice a year, the other time is in December.

    Michelle xx

  5. Sonia: thank you so much for your comment! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    Michelle: Yay! Photos! I shall live vicariously through them until I can get there myself, someday. I did google Miniatura -- sounds fun! Birmingham also sounds good -- my dad was born in Birmingham, so I have lots of genealogical research to do in the Midlands, and now an extra excuse for going there!


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