Thursday, April 29, 2010

New followers -- welcome!

I'd like to welcome our latest followers:

Anama, an Argentinian blogger at Anama Vesi.

Ana Maria is a visual artist and published miniaturist who blogs at A journey through arts and miniatures.  Ana lives in Portugal and collects all kinds of dolls.

Thea lives in Texas in the United States and blogs at 17 Days in December.  She's a mystery novel addict! (I love mysteries, too -- they're my favourite genre).

Karin Corbin, a well-known model maker and miniaturist in Seattle in the USA.

There's Eva from Barcelona whose blog is Mini Escenas y Manualidades.  She's making some amazing things with polymer clay!

Margaret from New South Wales in Australia blogs at My Petit Parterre.  She's working on a flower/plant shop with a French theme.

Michelle lives in Antwerp, Belgium, and blogs about miniatures at poppenhuis en miniaturen.

Hannah is a university student in Coventry, UK and she blogs about her four dolls' houses at Spare Time Ramblings :)

De is from Indiana in the United States, and she blogs at De-Lightful Minis.

There's also Naomi, about whom I don't know anything more.  But I'm glad you're following, anyway!

Welcome, everyone!


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