Thursday, April 15, 2010

Giveaway! Woo hoo!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been reading,  following and commenting on our blog. The KnitWits (the group of children with whom I play every week, and with whom I've been building this dolls' castle) are coming over this afternoon, and I'm going to show them how many kind and interested people from all over the world have been looking at our work. We all live in a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada, so it's a really big deal for us.

I have been immensely inspired by the work of other miniaturists (I guess I can call myself one, too, now :) It's an extraordinary hobby, this, isn't it?  It's really  much more an obsession or a way of looking at the world, I think.

Anyway, I'm rambling on, and what I want to say is that I'm going to have a giveaway to thank the over fifty people who are now following our blog!

I make (permanently) open books from different periods -- mostly medieval/Tudor, but I do other periods as well.  They work well as large books in 1:12 scale.  I love books in real life, and my husband and I have a sizeable library, so it seemed natural that our miniature houses should have libraries, too.  I started making them because of the dearth of early books available for miniature castles :)

This one shows two colourful pages from the famous Macclesfield Alphabet, a 15th century "pattern book" of source material for calligraphers.  It has a leather cover, but doesn't close.  It makes a pretty display item on a table or bookstand.

I will send a book plus a secret surprise to the winner of a draw from all the people who comment on this post until Sunday, April 18th.  All you have to do leave a comment on this post telling me your dolls' house's historical period (or the age of book you'd like), plus whether you prefer a colourful book or a more restrained one that's largely text (like the breviary on the table, above).  If you don't specify, I'll pick something I think you'd like :)

If you want to link to this giveaway on your blog, I'd be grateful, but it's not necessary for you to be entered.

Once again, thank you all so much for making a small town Canadian feel connected to an entire world of miniature enthusiasts!


  1. What a great idea for your giveaway!Your books are amazing and I would love to get one of your minitreasures,best miniregards,Sonia.

  2. What a wonderful giveaway! Count me in please!
    My dollhouse is Victorian, but I am planning to have a Tudor scene some time soon, so if I am the lucky one, I would love one of your treasures from the Tudor era...

    Mini hugs

  3. Your books are lovely! I would be thrilled to win one. My house is French Second Empire (not sure how historically authentic), so a French book for the sitting room would be fabulous. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Congratulations on reaching over 50 followers! But I'm not surprised, you have a really enjoyable blog :)
    Your books are amazing, I hadn't realised you made them. Count me on the giveaway please and (decisions, decisions..)as I only have a kitchen roombox (not really suitable for books) if I was the lucky winner I think I would like a complete surprise, that way it could decide which project I should go for next.
    Emma x

  5. Hi,your give away is very interesting!
    I like the Tudor period very much.
    In Italy we have had medieval period but not like your.
    I hope to win.

  6. Me! Me! Me! I mean I know I won't win but you make so beautiful books! I am still working on Snape's office - just in case....;)

  7. Ps I hope you will write if the children liked the progress of your project, please?

  8. Thank you, I'd love it. My house is not built yet, just a heap of projects on paper but it will be a modern decorated house in a 1900 enviroment. Actually a real 2010 home in an old building. Any book raging from 1900 to today would be nice :o) Rosanna

  9. Congratulations on having 50 followers! I enjoy reading your blog and learning from you. Keep up the great work! I would love to have any book that you make.

  10. What a fab give away!

    Well, if I get lucky, almost anything goes - my Toscana house is modern with all the grayish interior with an artist living there. I'm going to do also a 1900's Venetian house as well as a modern Russian house with lots of colours, a 1900's Dark house with an explorerer living there - so anything goes :D

    Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed,


  11. What a lovely idea. Your books look great. Congratulations on the 50 followers.
    I was interested to see your blog as I've always liked Tudor/medieval castles and I think it's quite a challenge to recreate something that isn't very common in the miniature world.
    Thanks for the award too.

    If I'm lucky enough my house is Georgian and lower key would suit it's style best.

  12. Hi,
    thank you for visiting an leaving such a nice comment :)
    Congratulations on 54 will increase fast I am sure!!!
    Great give-away, I'd love to have a book made by you; I am making a writing desk in my french shabby house, and it would be nice with a book laying on it. Maybe not too big though?
    Great blog, I'll soon be back :-)
    Synnøve :)

  13. Like you I am amazed by the variety and quality of work I have been priviledged to view in Blogland. Plus it's so interesting to have a peek into the lives of people who live far away.
    I would love to be included in your give away, my current project is a good witch house.

  14. You are so welcome, your Tudor castle is justmfabulous and an inspiration too! :o))

    Gosh, Hogwarts...mixture of Tudor and modern day! :o)) Old, tatty and dirty is the look I'd go for! lol

    Michelle xxx

  15. I only just came across your blog today and all I can say is wow...I can't beleive I missed it.

    Your work is amazing.

    I plan on building an old English church / pub some day so a lot of it will be similar in design to a castle. Your work is really inspiring.

  16. Congratulations on your 50 followers - you have an interesting blog - well deserved. If I'm lucky, there's a lawyer moving into The Tenement who certainly wouldn't say no to one of your restrained volumes.

  17. Thank you for your site. Your books are lovely as well. Looking forward to the contest.

    Lori in Houston

  18. I had showed the blog and your comments to the girls this afternoon. I showed them the flag counter and where all the visitors were coming from and they were all so excited!

    They're great kids and have been both my excuse for getting started in miniatures after all these years of wanting a dolls house, and my co-conspirators on the project from the beginning.

    By the way, I think I may have to draw TWO names for the giveaway :)

    Thank you all.

  19. I'm making a fantasy castle of no particular era, but one of your books would look fabulous in the Sorcerer's Study or perhaps on a bookstand down in the Treasury. In fact, your books are so lovely that they would look great anywhere! Well done on attracting 50 followers. I'll add a link about this giveaway on my own blog.

  20. These are great-I love looking at books like these in museums and libraries. I think it is the attention to detail that fascinates me. I like the colorful ones.

  21. you are doing a fabulous job and i am getting heaps of inspiration!! i love books so i'd love one suitable for a tudor dolls house.... whoever wins will be very lucky!!! cheers christine

  22. Congratulation on your growing number of followers... I found your blog through a comment on "miniature Dreams". I really love that Tudor style, maybe because I used to sell medieval tents, clothing and accessories 1:1 scale. I would love to join your giveaway. My dollhouse is modern time, though the residents are collectors of all things of faded and tarnished beauty. A vintage book, theme could be either botanical, corsets, tassels, draperies...

  23. your miniatures are wonderful! i would love to win a book for my mom's early american dollhouse. a breviary would be great!

  24. Hi,
    I just found your blog, it's lovely. I too like the contact with fellow miniaturaists from all the world :0) My houses range from 1940's to the Victorians, but I am currently working on a wizard's bookstore! I am slowly learning how to make books!!
    Hugs, Julia x

  25. Glad to follow your blog. You are doing a very interesting project and it is great that the girls can share in it too.

  26. WOW that is esciting I also luv books in real life as well as in Mini life
    I have 3 tudor houses all in the making!
    thats my utmost favourite era!!!
    I have made books but not opening ones, so that would be wonderful to have a chance to win one of your books!
    it would live in "The Mill" how wonderful that would be!!

  27. Congrats to you all on your followers, how great to get the children involved! Yours and their work is amazing, and you give such great tips and advice thankyou for that! Good luck with the rest of the project and thanks for the oppurtunity of the giveaway I love books! Id love anything spooky or Harry Potter/potion / spell book style. Good luck everyone! Kate xx

  28. WooHoooooo BOOks!!!! and such beautiful ones too :). A Calligraphy book is right up my alley :). My era is British India, late 19th-early 20th century. Colourful is how I love it :).

    Thank you for organising this giveaway :).I will put this on the left bar of my blog!

  29. Congratulations on your blog followers your blog is amazing and very inspirational my partner has been building me a witches hovel and has really been interested in your work he's getting a lot of ideas all thanks to you maybe his project will be finished soon so as i can play er i mean start arranging lol...i love your books and would be thirilled if you could enter me into the giveaway thanks and well done

  30. I was very fortunate to play tour guide to 2 ladies from Kingston, Ontario last week! One is also a castle builder like me! I follow your blog on another service and love it! You've given me so many ideas for my own new castle! Keep up the great work!

  31. I am happy to read the kids were excited! And congrats on your all new followers! :)

  32. I'd love the oldest book you have, and love anything illuminated, or viking. Thanks!


  33. hello! thanks to follow my blog, I am honored to be among my followers an opera singer! I love Puccini and Verdi ... you know them? ha ha!
    thanks for the give away, I participate willingly, my doll's house is a mountain lodge style Tyrol: I'd like a fairy tale about elves and fairies in the forest ... then you do ...
    a big hug to all children, it's nice to have them participate in a hobby so instructive!
    Your Tudor house is very beautiful, I envy you for your thoroughness and precision!
    kisses, Caterina

  34. This is my first time visiting your blog and my first time entering a giveaway! I am gathering items to put in a very dark gothic haunted house. I think a colorful book would be best to and some color to my dark settings.
    Congrats to you on all your followers. I will be adding you to my favs!

  35. I am still learning about blogs and how to follow, but I love your great hall. A chance to win one of your books is fantastic.

  36. I am a total newbie to blogging and I love your blog! I have been so inspired by your castle project that I have started one of my own, copying some of your wonderful ideas and techniques. I also have an old dollhouse from my childhood that I am fixing up. I have JUST yesterday started my own blog "About My Doll Houses" I would be happy to get your book, but just as happy to be just one of your avid fans!

  37. I'm your 71 followers and I can not resist to part of your beautiful give away. I hope not too late to hope...
    My house is late Victorian period but I love every book so, if I won, everything would be fine!
    You are very good. I'll give you my congratulations for the blog that highlights all well your interest in the past.
    A big hug

  38. P.S. I put the link on my bog because the photo is wonderful, very evocative.

  39. Hello!
    Congratulations and what a great idea, I would love to win ;-) I think you know my style from my blog, its mostly a mix between nordic and french styles, modern with antiques, light and romantic..
    Love, Susanne

  40. Oh, wow I just discovered this blog today and I'm so impressed. My dollhouse is Tudor house, decorated more comtemporay, but it has a huge library with books from all different eras. I'd love to have medieval/Tudor style book for the library table.

  41. Thanks, everyone, for entering! Entries are now closed, and I'm going to go to to pick the winners!


  42. Thank you. My house is a work in progress, Tudor inspired.


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