Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Over 100 followers -- welcome!

Wow!  Over 100 followers have joined this blog, and we're so excited!

Welcome to Taenia from Vienna who shares lots of wonderful tips at her blog gleaned from her many years in the miniature hobby.

Ascension shares her lively blog posts at Mis Miniaturas.  She's based in Barcelona, Spain.

Jody's a Dutch miniaturist who blogs about all sorts of lovely projects at Jody's miniwereld.  

Emma's a university lecturer, crafter and mum from Milton, Ontario, Canada.  (Yay, Canada!)  She blogs at Purple Lizard Design

Kat the Hat Lady makes the most AMAZING witchy hats, ever!  She's from Northhamptonshire, in the UK.

Dutch miniaturist Josje has a wonderful blog at A Beautiful World

Angeles blogs in Spanish about miniatures, crafts and cross stitching at El rincon de Baldu

Sandye blogs about all sorts of things at Snail-Paced Stitching. This has to be one of my favourite blog names ever :)

Sabiha is a mystery visitor, as I can't seem to find anything more about her :) If I've got it wrong, Sabiha, please let me know and I'll add your blog link here.

Welcome to you all -- I appreciate your following us so very much!  And I will organize another giveaway to mark this milestone when I get back home tonight or tomorrow :) 


  1. I am very happy because your blog is beautiful and deserves our full attention.
    Among the other, will be another opportunity to participate in your give away, which is not sorry at all!
    During the next few weeks, eyes at the mailman :-)


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