Thursday, May 27, 2010

I won the PastMastery competition!

Okay, I truly NEVER win anything, but Sue informs me that I have won her wonderful competition at her PastMastery blog!  It's wonderful because not only was it tremendous fun to search for the dummy boards based on their reverse silhouettes, but the prize is my choice of a wonderful range of miniature dummy boards :)  Thank you SO much, Sue!

We went to Whitby yesterday, and enjoyed the narrow streets of the old city at the foot of Whitby Abbey. We had some excellent fish and chips (Mister Chips), visited a very good pub (Black Horse Vaults) and David bought me a hexagonal jet ring set in silver, that I had simply fallen in love with :) 

Then we went up to the Abbey, one of the most famous ruins in England and one of the inspirations for the wave of interest in all things Gothic, including Bram Stoker's Dracula.

The views, as you can see, are stunning.

I've been collecting reference photos of the stone hereabouts, too, just in case I need to reproduce some Yorkshire stone buildings sometime in the future :)  These shots are of Cholmley House on the grounds of the Abbey:


  1. Well done, Nina!
    And that wall, the colours!! Thanks for the pic!

  2. Congrats Nina!!!!! And I love the photo from the Abbey! I love it!

  3. Congratulations! Your pictures are fab, I love the stone wall, the variation of the stone colours is beutifu :O)

  4. Congratulations on your win, Nina. Ha ha! I take photographs of walls too! BTW I didn't realise you were going to be in York. If I had, I could have told you that there's a Miniature Shop in the town centre - Miniature Scene. If you happen to be going back that way, it's well worth a visit. They have a website too to give you a taster. Sounds like you're having a lovely time.

  5. Thank you for the stone pics, Nina! I have been browsing every medieval book I have to try to find good pics of stone for reference in painting MY castle dollhouse (the one you haven't seen pics of yet):)!I am picturing in my mind very gray and broody.... And congrats for winning the contest!


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