Thursday, May 20, 2010

On our way ...

David and I are sitting in Halifax Airport waiting for our flight to Gatwick to be called.  We had a the typical kind of hectic morning that people do who are chronic procrastinators who suddenly realize that yes, they really ARE going away for two weeks! :)

But here we are, getting ready to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.  In a few hours we'll be experiencing a rather bleary dawn over England, a drive to Chesterfield (that's a 1960s photo of the truly freaky and disturbing crooked spire of its parish church) and, finally, at the end of a long day tomorrow, blessed, blessed sleep!

My laptop is running out of battery power, so I'll sign off for now.  I see that you're all up to interesting things and I wish I could comment -- tomorrow I'll get all caught up :)

England, here we come!


  1. Gosh, this looks like you are going to be posting whilst you're overhere in the UK! How terribly exciting, I hope so! I wishI could send a welcoming party to Gatwick for you both! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  2. Nina, have a safe and happy trip! (I'm sooooo jealous)

  3. Bon Voyage! Nina, I will be thinking of you in England....enjoy every minute and post it all back for those of us Anglophiles stuck on this side of the pond....I LOVE going to England and haven't been in a while. I can't wait to see what you come back with!

  4. Have a nice trip. Have more fun than you can stand and write from time to time Rosanna

  5. Nina, I was worried that you would carry this PC! Think about how we become attached and accustomed to people: many times today I thought "I wonder if Nina luggage ready, I wonder if Nina is already at the airport ..." as if we had seen yesterday for coffee and we talked about this trip. Maybe I'm a little silly, but these things happen to me and not displease me :-)
    In Europe (Rome time) is 8 hours, 04 am and will shortly begin my long day of activities interspersed with pleasure the comments on the blog. I hope you find the time and desire to move to "me" why is there a list that needs your name!
    A big hug :-)

  6. Nina have a fabulous trip!I thought youd be coming into Heathrow, I am 10 minuites drive from Gatwick airport ( we often have people leave their cars at our house rather than pay the huge Gatwick car park fees so anyone is welcome and to pop in and say hi and see the houses!!) So you could have come for tea after all !!!!! If you have your PC and still can on your return let me know you are most welcome!!! Safe journey to you both, and at the moment it is beautiful sunshine so lets hope that continues for you and you dont get our standard lousy weather!! Kate xx

  7. Nina, have a great flight and a wonderful holiday.

    I too am jealous ... I LOVE my trips to England ... proper meat pies, proper pastries, proper beer, proper fish and chips. Oh ya, ... the history, the country side,the GREAT museums, and all the well preserved buildings are nice too!!!



  8. I'm also a last minute-chuck it all in the suitcase type of traveller so totally understand LOL hope you have a fantastic time here in the UK, and remembered everything you had to.
    I tried to email my addy to you but the email has bounced back to me so I tried your website addy instead, dont know if you got it or not though? thats not important though..... have a great holiday xxx

  9. Hello, everyone! We're in our hotel room outside Chesterfield, getting our day started and I just had to pop in an say "hi" :) Thanks for all your comments -- the good wishes must have worked, because the trick went really, really smoothly.

    I'm going to post some pics now, but I just wanted to say, thank you ... Oh, and Wendie -- I got your email, your package is on its way :)


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