Friday, November 30, 2012

Camp Mini Ha Ha featured on CBC radio

During Camp Mini Ha Ha this year, Jackie Torrens shared two days of our work and celebrations, and her piece on miniatures and miniaturists is being broadcast on CBC tomorrow.  

But you can hear it via the CBC website any time you like :)

Every Fall, for more than 10 years miniaturists from Canada, the US and the UK have gathered in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.
They spend 5 days building miniature replicas of real-life objects.... at a place they call Camp Mini Ha Ha.
It's the brainchild of three people, Debbie Parrot and Sheryl Hartland from Nova Scotia - and Marcy Cumberland from the US.
About 30 campers go every year, and while men are welcome, so far most of them have been women.
Writer, actor and regular CBC contributor Jackie Torrens, has a thing for people whose interests are off the beaten path.
We sent her to Mini Camp for two days....and there she found that big revelations can be had, even in a world so small....

I think it's a great piece -- Jackie was an amazing explorer of our mini world got us all discussing and talking about things. 

Camp Mini Ha Ha is an annual camp for miniaturists in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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