Friday, June 1, 2012

More miniature pottery by Sue Dix

Miniature pottery by Sue Dix

1:12 scale chamber pots by Sue Dix

I'm back in Canada, after a wonderful trip!  One of the boxes waiting for me was a custom order by American potter Sue Dix, whose work really pleases me.  She makes lovely, rustic pieces suitable for earlier period scenes, and I had ordered a number of her regular pieces.  I had also asked her to make me some chamber pots, as it's hard to find ones that look appropriate for pre mid-18th century scenes.

These were the reference photos I sent her of late 17th century chamber pots:

I think she did a brilliant job, and I now have four beautiful little chamber pots!  (I notice she has a few up for sale in her Etsy store, Suramics, right now, and I know she's always happy to make custom orders :))  Thank you, Sue!

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