Saturday, April 28, 2012

Finished carpet!

I finished the carpet I was working on -- this is the first mini carpet on which I've put a fringe and I really love it!

I haven't decided in which room this carpet will live, but I'm sure it will find a good home in the William and Mary House :)
We're getting ready to go to England in less than a week -- two weeks in North Yorkshire!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Some spring-time minis available on ArtFire!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Recent purchases including Shearwater show items

Here are my purchases from the Shearwater show.  The parasol is by my friend Paula, and the dress is by Linda, the lovely woman at the next booth. (I also bought some pieces of very fine linen and the porcelain doll from her, as well as a wealth of tiny scale trims.)

Here's a close up of the dress -- isn't it beautiful?  It could even pass for mid to late 17th century (except it should be off the shoulders) -- the first era of the bustle!

 I managed to pick up 10 wineglasses and 8 beer mugs from a lovely lady who was destashing.  The tiny wheel-thrown jug is made by Jo-Ann Shaw who is an extraordinary craftsman. Check out her chalices and cauldrons (as well as her saddles) at her website, Kilnworks Minis.

I lost the business card for the maker of this lovely easel, which I'm going to use in the WAMH in my artist's studio:

I also did a swap for a gorgeous hand-turned wig stand :)

And this isn't from the Shearwater show, but I love it -- it's a turned lidded box by UK Artisan Dave Williams of Harvington Miniatures who sells on Ebay under the name smallartist:

Knitwits tomorrow -- the girls' houses proceed apace and I'll try to post some pictures!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Busy weekend at the Shearwater Hobby Show

David and I had such a great weekend at the Shearwater Hobby Show in Shearwater, NS!

We had a table set up to sell our minis (our first show!) and happily shared it with another member of MESS (Miniature Enthusiasts of the South Shore), Paula, who brought beautiful little parasols and feather fans to sell.

I made tons of little non-opening books for the show and they sold really well, as did the bookshelves David made.  These are some of my old fashioned books ...

And these are the shabby/modern ones -- including tons of Penguin books :)

I'm hard at work on a couple of kits to make these, so hope to have them for sale, soon.

I made a screen for my first piece of original crewel work ...

 And had quite a few framed reproductions on offer, which sold very well.

But the best part of the show were the people I met.  It was wonderful spending time with Paula, who's such a smart, funny, creative woman.  I met Linda, who makes the most exquisite costumes and who is going to join MESS in the summer, when she's at her cottage.  She was so kind and generous to us!

I also met a glorious crew of people from Halifax, Dartmouth and Fredericton, including some extraordinary artisans, and am looking forward to Camp Mini Ha Ha in September and maybe driving up to a few meetings in Dartmouth.

All in all, it was a lovely, lovely weekend!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Armenian Gendje carpet finished, being blocked!

I finished stitching the miniature Gendje carpet (from the McNaughton's first book) last night!  Hooray!

It's now being blocked, and I shall finish it with fringe over the next few days.  So glad to see this little thing done, and I'm so happy that the mistakes I made I either picked out or disguised :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fireplaces for William and Mary dolls' house attic

 These two little fireplaces are for the attic rooms in the William and Mary House.  Each is built into an angled chimney breast that will accommodate the slant in the hipped ends of the roof. 

While they're both built of the same moulding, the moulding was put on the chimney breast differently in each case -- totally by accident.   I sort of liked that they were complementary but not matching, so I left it that way!   The top one has been trimmed with coffee stirrers and lengths of mini turnings, and the bottom one just with coffee stirrers. 

They will have brick firebacks.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Finished 1690 sampler designed by Annelle Ferguson

I finished the sampler kit from Annelle Ferguson last night -- as you can see I decided to fill in the background, which I think was totally the correct decision :)

I love this little thing, and will be framing it soon.

MESS (Miniature Enthusiasts of the South Shore) had its first meeting today, and we are going to have a BLAST!  Paula and I brought our libraries of books on minis, we worked out an initial list of projects we want to try and got to meet Mary-Anne's awesome menagerie of little dogs :)  A great day!

I'm also hard at work on items to sell at the Shearwater Hobby Show on April 14th, as well as working on the brickwork and slating of the WAMH.  More to show you guys, soon!
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