Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fireplaces for William and Mary dolls' house attic

 These two little fireplaces are for the attic rooms in the William and Mary House.  Each is built into an angled chimney breast that will accommodate the slant in the hipped ends of the roof. 

While they're both built of the same moulding, the moulding was put on the chimney breast differently in each case -- totally by accident.   I sort of liked that they were complementary but not matching, so I left it that way!   The top one has been trimmed with coffee stirrers and lengths of mini turnings, and the bottom one just with coffee stirrers. 

They will have brick firebacks.


  1. Hello nina,
    Both mantels are terrific.
    Excellent work, as usual,
    All the best,

  2. Hi Nina! I LOVE how different these two look just with the molding put on differently! They have a very Late- Medieval Tudor-ish look to them!

  3. Well done - they look good AND something for nothing which can't be bad!


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