Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kitchen at twilight

The light was so beautiful yesterday afternoon that I had to take a few photos.

The shot above is of the upper floor.  Two days ago I cut and installed the plywood for the first floor.  I was very glad I made a template of the left hand corner of the floor first, because it made making the cutout for the spiral stairs much, much easier!  Now I'm going to work on finishing the upper floor, cleaning up the window cut outs, finishing the walls and installing the shutters. Oh, by the way, the door you see in the photo above will be for a garderobe or loo!


  1. Lovely pics - you can almost imagine that light coming in through some high up window. Love the cat, by the way.

  2. The sunlight makes the scene so vivid! I also like to exploit the effects of real lights. It's a great project!

  3. It looks great, the light gives it the real feeling :)


  4. La verdad es que con esa luz casi no se distingue de una casa real.
    un abrazo

    The truth is that with the light almost indistinguishable from a real house.
    a hug

  5. Beautiful climate the sunlight gave to the interiors!Great photos! Can't wait to see the second floor:)

  6. Wow,wonderful work and it looks so real.Jeannette

  7. Good catch of the light!! I'm trying to work out (with Alan my husband) how to have a realistic light effect of how the evening light shifts and moves on a wall when it comes through the trees outside. Also reflections of water into a room. No luck yet, but it would be nice! This sunlight shot is more precious because it's fleeting.

  8. I must say that with this light, the step back in time is perfect.
    Now it seems to be there, in the late afternoon of six hundred years ago... If you listen carefully, you hear the hunters who play the horn. The soup is on fire. Tonight the cook prepares venison.
    The kitchen is full of smoke and smell, while cats expect any surplus ..
    Too good a leap back in history!
    Heartfelt thanks :-)

  9. These are wonderful photo's, they make the whole project look real. It's wonderful and I love the fact that you made just about everything in that kitchen too! I think I will invite you to Hampshire when you are over in England soon, so you can do my Hogwarts kitchen for me! lol ;oP

    Michelle xxx

  10. OH. MY. GOD. This is SO phenomenal!!!!! What fantastic work you do. I am blown away every time!!

  11. Que maravilla, con esa luz parece que sea real y tu puedas notar, olores, sensaciones.....
    Es casi como revivir esa epoca.
    besitos ascension

  12. Oh, thank you all -- I can't tell you how much your comments and support mean to me. Really. I'm overwhelmed.

    I love light so much. I'm really glad you liked these photos, and I thank you all, again, for taking the time to tell me how they made you feel :)

    Love to you all,


  13. Oh, my goodness! The lighting was fabulous. It shows off all of your work so well and adds so much to the realism. :)

  14. I thought I was there ... I wished I was there. That is wonderful work on the house and EXCELLENT photography! As has been said, you can smell something cooking and hear the cats purring.

    Wonderful stuff.



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