Monday, May 17, 2010

Hooks for kitchen utensils

I wanted to hang a few utensils up on the side of the charcoal burner, so I made three little hooks out of 18 gauge black wire.

Fortunately my charcoal burner is made of balsa wood so I only had to press the hooks into the soft wood!  Otherwise I would have drilled little holes.

So now the cook has a place to hang her frying pan and strainer!


  1. Nice, the utensilies look fab :)


  2. Thank you for the nice message on my blog Glad that you all these ideas will share with us

    liefs Ingrid

  3. Brilliant, Im going to need hooks in the Potter kitchen , must buy wire!! Kate xxxx

  4. Thanks, guys! I love seeing things hung up, for some reason -- it looks orderly (even though the 1:1 room the dolls house is in is a massive, chaotic mess, as you can see sometimes through the doors :)

  5. Hanging things around is really giving the mini house look of realizm:)

  6. Una gran idea y un fabuloso resultado, enhorabuena!!!!
    besitos ascension


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