Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More goodies for my Mum!

Most of these arrived in the post yesterday from The Linen Press in the UK.  They're from their extensive and charming line of Victorian paper ephemera, and are destined for Mum's Edwardian roombox.  (The exception is the little blue book on the left, which is my first attempt at making a book from the lovely book kits sold by Paper Minis -- although the kit is excellent, I didn't do a very good job and got glue on the cover :(  I'm sure I'll get better at it, though!)

This is a 1:12 scale deck of Happy Family cards!  (Look, you can see the grotesquely bread-like head of Master Bun the Baker's Son!)  David remembered playing this game when he was a lad in the 1950s, so I bought him a 1:1 reproduction Victorian deck a few years ago, and it's become one of the KnitWits' favourite games to play.   When I saw this tiny version, I had to have it.  It's an authentic reproduction of the Victorian original and the print quality is startling -- these cards are less than half an inch long! 

The Linen Press sells a variety of little photo albums either full of preprinted family photos or blank, for you to add your own.  I decided to get a blank set, and spent a pleasant half hour yesterday shrinking some scans I have of our family photos to half an inch long :)  The photo above shows my mother's grandmother and her five maiden aunts (her mum was the only daughter to marry).

And, lastly, there is this charming little version of the 1897 children's book, Nursery rhymes and fables.  Again, you can see how extraordinary the print quality is.

I'm going over to see Mum this afternoon to do some computer stuff with her and visit, and I'll take all my little presents with me! 


  1. I've added your blog to my links Nina as you are featuring the 17th century and there are few of us around! Gotta stick together!
    I have to say that a dummy board would be 'right up the street' of quite a few of your projects!

    Sue at PastMastery

  2. Lots of lovely goodies there and I love the card game. Your little blue book looks fine. I've only recently started playing with kits and they're really nice things to do.

  3. Your mom will have this small Edwardian treasure box with all these fabulous things :) I love the cards, we played it also when I was kid :)

    And so that I don't forget, have a fabulous trip to UK :)


  4. Great stuff! That made me remember I have some of their beautifully made WWII cards. As I am not going to do with them anything for now or most probably ever;) And since you're planning to make that English RAF pilot's pub, I would be more than happy to send them to you:) Would you like that?
    And yes! Have a very good trip to England and safe flights here and back home:)

  5. When I feel sad, I go to visit The Linen Press.
    They have beautiful things!
    Thes your purchases show him.
    When you're in England, you can read the blog? Approaching the moment of a give away ...

  6. Nina, what amazing finds! Lucky Mum! Thanks for the links to the online shops - they have some great items.

  7. Sure your mum was happy to recieve these small treasures. I don´t know the cardgame, but the quality of the print looks fantastic. Didn´t know Linen Press before, but will save the link in my favorits. Maybe it´l work for me like it does for Flora :0)

  8. Pues seguro que le van a encantar.
    Una gran calidad de imagen, unos fantasticos trabajos
    besitos ascension

  9. These are lovely, I'm sure your mum will love them!

  10. beautiful gifts for your mom ... I love this album of old photographs ..

  11. What lovely things,your mother will be very happy with them ! Thank you for the links,I go to the Linen Press and saw many things,I have searched for.There prints seems to be brilliant and the variety of goods is a never ending story!Jeannette

  12. Seguro que a su madre le gusta mucho, son preciosos, el albun de foto me ha encantado

  13. Las cartas son perfectas, seguro que a su mama le encantaran los regalos.
    un abrazo

    The letters are perfect, assurance that to his breast he was charmed with the gifts.
    An embrace


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