Friday, May 14, 2010

Handrail for spiral staircase

I was just about to glue everything in place when I decided that I really wanted some sort of handrail on this staircase :)

Here's what I used:

I used two sizes of wire, 20 and 24 gauge (I couldn't find my 24 ga gunmetal, so I used bright silver.  If it bothers me, I'll paint it!), fine gunmetal finish chain and square section toothpicks.  I painted the toothpicks brown, then drilled holes in the first step and every other step after that.  I put the toothpicks in place, then made a little loop of the silver wire, put it through the chain at an appropriate point and glued it (with Quick Grip :) to the toothpick. Then I made a larger loop of the thicker wire to add detail and to help keep the smaller chain-holding wire loop in place.  I did that 10 times :)

The above photo shows the view from the front before I glued the charcoal burner unit in place.  This is the last time I'll be able to see the stairs like this!

The above photo is one of the possible views of the staircase now that everything has been glued into place.  It's from the left side door.  Ignore the chain dangling down in the photo -- that's the leftover chain at the top of the staircase which I'm keeping until I see how much chain I need for the final handrail support on the first floor.

And the final photo is what is visible of the staircase from the front of the kitchen wing.  I'm really glad I added the handrail!


  1. Nina, a meticulous, to say the least! In this way, the scale is truly complete and appears in all its glory :-)
    Did you get my mail the other day?

  2. Mmh!!! The staircase, not the scale!!!
    Google Translator...

  3. Your spiral staircase looks great and the chain really finishes it off :0)

  4. great work,congratulation for another step of your beautiful project.Jeannette

  5. Excellent - it looks exactly as it should - well done.

  6. Well done - it looks excellent! Thanks for sharing the process with us. :)

  7. That is so cool!!! I love the chain handrail.

  8. The staircase looks fab now, the handrail really gave it the something :)


  9. The staircase looks wonderful,great handrail :-))
    groetjes Ingrid

  10. La escalera esta genial y la barandilla, le da el toque final perfecto!!!!
    besitos ascension

  11. reat job! sin, however, that remain hidden, it is too beautiful spiral staircase! certainly imagine falling ... that tumble! you did well to put the railing! ha ha!

  12. Thanks so much, everyone!

    Flora: Yes, I got your email -- I'm so sorry I haven't replied yet! We've been running around trying to get things done before we leave for England in 6 days!

  13. Es el detalle que le faltaba con toda seguridad, así queda muy medieval, me gusta.
    un abrazo

  14. It is the detail that he was absent with complete certainty, this way it remains very medieval, likes to me.
    An embrace

  15. Nina, you surprised me with what now seems like a critical detail. You know, if you didn't add the chain rail, I wouldn't have thought anything was amiss. Now it look like the staircase can't do without the rail..:) Well done, you have been very clever using these simple material. They are very effective too :).

    I noticed your 1st 2 pics couldn't enlarge. I wish I could see what you meant by the loops. And how in he world did you manage to glue 2 wires onto a tiny toothpick!


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