Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Trains and toys

Yesterday we drove to Grosmont and rode the North Yorkshire Moors Railway down to Pickering.  I had never been on a steam railway before and I was so excited about this trip!  The scenery is, of course, beautiful on this special line, but the really amazing thing are the engines, coaches and stations, all run and maintained by volunteers.

Today we drove up to Newcastle and Hexham to visit some of David's old stomping grounds when he was an undergrad at Newcastle University in the 1960s.  We also paid a visit to the smallest miniatures shop I've ever seen, House of Cards in Middlesbrough :)  I picked up a couple of pieces:

The little black and gold chinoiserie table will either end up in my Mum's roombox or my William and Mary house.  The blue and white vase and the large brown jug are definitely for the William and Mary house.

The copper pans will brighten up the William and Mary kitchen, and I'm not sure where the desk will end up -- David loved it and bought it himself!

Tomorrow is Whitby -- fish and chips, another abbey, another pub and perhaps some more miniatures!


  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time there, just love the pieces you bought. Have fun!

  2. Nina, what treasures you are finding! And it sounds like a beautiful train trip too! It's a lot of fun to take this vicarious trip with you...keep the posts coming...and thanks for sharing!

  3. Nina, before long, you will have to build mum a house with the many things you have acquired for her lol :).

    I am researching now to see if there are shops at Kent, White Cliffs of Dover and Portsmouth. Friend is visiting there in July :).

  4. I love the table David bought and the blue and white vase is so pretty :) You seem to have blast, good :)

  5. You seem to have a lot of fun! Keep up the good spirit! Have a lot of fun! - Beautiful minis!

  6. Ha ha ha:-D
    I thought the desk would have liked to Ira without having read his comments yet!
    It would be perfect for her Poe home :-)
    All purchases beautiful, Nina: The Chinese vessel is at the top!

  7. You found some lovely wee treasures and you are certainly seeing a wonderful part of the country. Is David perhaps a Yorkshire Lad?

    Remember ... Whitby ... Fish and Chips ... BAD!!! Particularly if you have them at one of the two pubs at the foot of the 199 steps going up to the Abbey. Not good for you at all!!

    Tom, who now has a rubber membrane over his keyboard to keep the drool out!

  8. Que maravilla, has conseguido verdaderos tsoros.
    besitos ascension

  9. Nina...I know you are on your hols but just to say...you won the PastMastery competition.
    Well Done.

    'Speak' to you soon.



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