Saturday, May 22, 2010

First dolls house shop -- Dolls' House Gallery, Chesterfield

Well, here I am in a lovely hotel room in a pub just outside Chesterfield, having had probably the most exquisite sleep of my life, because I needed it so badly!  We had an incredibly smooth and easy flight on Thursday, picked up our car at Gatwick by 7:15 am yesterday and had motored up to Chesterfield by 10 am.   After opening time, we had our first pint in The Spread Eagle ... (well, David had a pint, I had a half of cider ...)  We were insanely jet lagged, footsore and feeling very middle aged, but we were so happy to be in England again!

More importantly, we visited the first dolls house shop of the trip:  the Dolls House Gallery on South Street in Chesterfield, just down the street from the pub :)

It was a great shop to start with -- fairly small, lots of lovely, affordable things, and staffed by the friendly husband of the owner, who was off packing for their three week trip to Florida!  (They were leaving the next day, so I almost missed them!) He very kindly allowed me to take some photos of the inside of the shop for the blog.

And here's what I bought:

A real, light-up Tudor fixture for The Great Hall, more "pewter plates" (I've decided you can never have too many), some baskets, a little cauldron, two jugs and a wooden bowl (I wish I'd bought more) whose perfect rim I can carve away at and make just a little more rustic!

Some things for the future William and Mary House (it's interesting to me how many of us have projects which only exist in potentia, but which are as real to us (if not more so :) than the ones that have actually been constructed!)  I'll use the hat stands as wig stands :)  David spotted the kittens, so of course we had to have a couple!  I'll refinish the library steps.

And here's my little treasure -- a tiny Swiss-made sewing box for my Mum's roombox :)

I apologize to everyone for not having visited their blogs -- I hope to get caught up this evening when we're settled into our self catering cottage in Staithes, North Yorkshire.  I've really missed reading your blogs, I feel so out of touch!

Thanks again for your comments -- I'm thinking of you all, and I feel sure that some year some of us could meet up in person over here!


  1. A shop like that must be like heaven for a christian ;0) Very excited to see all the stuff you´ll bring home, guess this is only the beginning. Fine little purchases already :0)

  2. Welcome to England Nina and David!

    I'm okay coming home from the West, it's going the other way I get so jet lagged! lol

    Lovely dollshouse shop and great little mini's too and houses. I have some of those pewter plates and I have aged them too. :o))

    The fine sunny weather is here, hopefully it stay a while! :o)

    Michelle xxx

  3. Hello, well come in the Old Continent! Annie is right: Heaven on earth! Are happy that you cumin on the right foot: the purchases are all well chosen. The kittens are too cute :-)
    A big hug and good continuation for another exciting day!

  4. Actually I DO feel jet lagged going West to East and NOT vice versa, too early in the morning for me to think straight!! lol I feel for you both, hope it passes soon! :o))

    I can't wait for you next instalment.

    Michelle xxx

  5. Wonderful stuff you've shopped :) And that shop looks so nice, I've never (can you believe it?) been in a dollhouse shop.

    You have fabulous holiday :)


  6. Oooooo, a tour!! Yay!!
    What lovely treasure you've bought - the chandelier is fabulous!
    One good thing about being addicted to minis is their size - great for fitting in the suitcases!

    Have a great time!!

  7. Ira, you and me both :):). That's why I felt like crawling into the computer screen and seeing and feeling all these tiny miniatures up close and personal.

    The pieces you picked are excellent choices. I marvel at you, woman :). Such a long haul and I see you posting again as if you never left :). It's so good to being able to join your tour. I hope I am not asking too much if I say, please let me join you in your next shop?

  8. O yes, forgot to say I am in complete agreement about the pewter plates! Never too many even if you run out of space, just junk the rest and keep these :) lol

  9. son unas compras geniales tiene usted un gusto exquisito.
    un abrazo

    They are a few brilliant buys you have an exquisite taste.
    An embrace

  10. Hmmmm ... I might learn to dislike you ... just a bit. Staithes ... one of my favorite places over there. My wife has a cousin that has a huge cottage there. You are a stones throw from Robin Hoods Bay ... my all time favorite place in England. We have spent two weeks there on different holidays.

    Perhaps if your husband DOESN'T have a pint of Old Peculiar, you will be partially forgiven.

    If you get to Whitby, you won't like the fish and chips ... really ... they are not very good ... honest!! (Would I fib to you?)

    Tom (wiping copious amounts of drool off of the keyboard)

  11. OH wow! I would probably go mad at the dollhouse shop - as Ira I have never been in any yet:) We miss you too as you see the comments under your posts:) Have fun in England!

  12. Welcome to England. You have bought perfect weather with you both!

    This looks like just the right shop to start your journey and you made some lovely purchases.

    The good thing about our hobby is that we can always fit our buys in the suitcase!

    Have fun!

  13. I loved to travel, I was in England many years ago when my husband and I were still engaged! What I'd give to be back there .. and especially I'd love to visit a shop dollhouses! many beautiful items you buy! I recognized it to showcase my sewing machine is the same as at the bottom left! I also want to buy the box of sewing, I envy you so much!
    a lot of fun and tell us again, this is too good trip!
    kisses, Caterina


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