Monday, May 17, 2010

Look what I got in the mail!

At the post office were a number of intriguing little parcels for me today, and when I opened them I found these goodies!  (Even though I ordered them, it still feels like Christmas getting stuff in the mail :)

The painting is one of Monet's atmospheric works showing the Houses of Parliament.  This one was painted in 1904, and it's perfect in time period, subject and colouring for my Mum's Edwardian roombox. I bought it from Etsy seller LDelaney and it was a really good value.  Fast shipping, too.

There there were these tiny unfinished turned mortars and pestles and a wee spurtle for stirring 1:12 scale porridge!  The spurtle and one of the m&ps is for the William and Mary house, the other m&p is for the Tudor castle.  They were ordered from Ann Marie Miniatures in the UK.

And last and perhaps best of all is this incredible miniature bear from Bassom Bear in Wales.  This is for my Mum's roombox, as well, as it looks very like her beloved old teddy bear, Jackie, who still lives on a chair in her bedroom :)   When I opened the box, I was gobsmacked by its tiny perfection.

Bassom Bear is on Etsy, and she makes hand sewn miniature stuffed toys, usually around 2 inches tall, which would be large stuffed animals in our 1:12 scale.  Some of them, however are described as "tiny miniatures", like this perfect little bear, which is just under 1 1/14 inches when standing.  It's jointed and has teeny onyx bead eyes and tiny ultrasuede paws, and it's the most perfect little thing I've ever seen. 

I'm going to see Mum tomorrow afternoon and I'll take her these little gifts -- I hope she likes them!


  1. Nina,

    Wonderful new mini's!! I love the postman too! lol Bassom bears are wonderful, I own a few as I collect miniature bears, there are a few fab mini bears etc artisan's on Etsy.

    Michelle xxx

  2. I can see why you collect mini bears, Michelle -- they're really adorable. I was very impressed by the mini stuffed animal makers on Etsy when I went looking for just the right bear for my Mum -- it could easily become addictive, eh?!

  3. Preciosas compras!!!
    Seguro que le encantaran y sobre todo el osito que es una maravilla
    besitos ascension

  4. Lovely loot!!
    Thanks for the links - I've wanted a spurtle ever since I saw the one one Irene's Tenement.

  5. Ugh! The postman does not pass from me! I've made purchases on eBay and not get anything, I am desperate! If you lose the gifts of friends, began to cry and end up at Christmas!
    Your purchases are very interesting, Bear phenomenal!
    What cute you are with your mom :-)

  6. Thank you for showing the little bear :)
    I am glad that you like it and I hope that your Mum will be pleased with it too.

  7. Great treasures! The teddybear is sooo cute!

  8. Ascension -- thank you! I agree, the bear is a marvel!

    Glenda -- I saw the spurtle on Irene's blog, too :) She was kind enough to share the link with me after I expressed my spurtle envy to her -- I hope she's okay with my posting it!

    Flora -- I hate having to wait for eBay purchases to show up, but the good thing is that I've often forgotten about them so that they are surprises for me!

    Bassom Bear -- thanks so much for your comment! I really do love your work :)

    Ewa -- it's amazing how small treasures can be, isn't it? :)

  9. Ha ha! "Spurtle envy". It could be that I'm bringing them back into vogue!! I'm pleased you got your order and the mortar & pestles are the very thing. Parcels at any time are exciting.

  10. Irene -- spurtles are all the rage now, thanks to you! Aren't parcels nice? Especially when they have little tiny things in them ...

  11. Such wonderful goodies in the mail! I love the little bear--so sweet. It is like Christmas even when we order things!


  12. Thanks for the links, perhaps my castle needs a spurtle too . . . .

  13. Nice things you've gotten, the teddy bear is amazing, I'm sure that you're mom will be delighted :)


  14. Once again, I see how although we may be worlds apart, we are not that far off using similar household utensils like the mortar and pestle. I too just got one from a swap I made with an Indonesian lady. Ours look remarkably similar, also wood :). I am thinking of repainting mine to look like rough stone or granite because that's what's use in India and also over here. I read that in old England, they are used mainly for pharmaceutical purposes. Were they made of wood?

  15. Who dosnt love to get parcels, great minis! I have a thing about frames, always buying them!! Kate xx

  16. Love, love, love the bear! She does such fabulous work. What amazes me is that they are all pose-able.

    Sans, I can't answer your question, but, mine in RL is made of marble.


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