Thursday, May 13, 2010

Closing in the spiral staircase

I'm starting to finish off the ground floor of the kitchen wing, so I'm closing in the spiral staircase and getting ready to put the first floor in.

I have to either smooth out the front wall of the bake oven unit or roughen up the other walls!

Below is the view through the left hand side door of the kitchen wing.  I see a few spots I missed with the paint !  I haven't glued the stairs in yet, thankfully, so I can fix those :)

Now I have to figure out that cutout for the first floor and get it in the right place!  I think I'll make a cardboard template for it, because I'm sure to mess  it up the first couple of times I try it ...


  1. It looks really nice, you've been productive today - I'm not, justa watched movies and taken naps :)

  2. That's why you're hiding from yesterday: to achieve this wonder!
    I am quite certain that as a woman of the theater, you will want to set design. One can guess from the attention that you pay at various points of view. This is why I am fascinated by this castle: is not flat but has a building full of movement and change constantly depending on how you look.
    So, I am doubly happy to announce that tomorrow I will be able to send my gifts to you, or better, the Lady of the Castle ...

  3. From that last photo the stairs look an excellent fit and I love the finish on the steps.

  4. How exciting! It looks like everything is fitting perfectly too.

  5. The stairs are so cool really love the way youve done them! Looking perfect! Kate xx

  6. A spiral staircase must be tough to put together but it has turned out really well. What a shame to close it in, hope it will still be visible somewhere?

  7. I too think that its a pity this staircase does not take a more prominent place in this castle. I still can't believe you are building this from scratch. Do your colleagues at the opera know you are great at building models as well, Nina?

    By the way, do all the walls really have to be the same? The difference in texture is interesting for me :). If I were you, I wouldn't be able to decide too which way to go.

  8. realmente le esta quedando perfecta, la escalera es una pasada, como se dice aqui, estoy deseando ver terminado el trabajo.
    un abrazo

    Really still having to this him perfect, the stairs is the past one(una pasada), as it is said here, I want to see the work finished.
    An embrace


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