Monday, May 10, 2010

Kitchen shelves

I put up two shelves in the castle kitchen today.  I had actually bought them, ready made, in Toronto last week -- it seemed a bit extravagant, buying something I could make so easily, but they were very cheap and already done. which was strangely appealing.  I shaved a bit off the edges, since I LOVE the way the irregular wood looks in the kitchen and pantry and don't want to spoil it now with something too perfect :)  I brushed on a weak solution of water and burnt umber and stuck them up with Quick Grip glue.

I'm still working on the giveaway - should have something to post very soon ...


  1. They look perfect there with their rustic charm. :)

  2. It's kind of a relief to be back to rusticity, Dale :)

  3. That's cute. We all have our favored genres. :)

  4. Buy things ready is not a solution as easy as it seems: you see what you buy ...
    You bought good!

  5. Now it's my turn soon to make shelves for my tribal house. I love yours. Thought you made them because they are so rustic. Those off the shelf shelves (lol) are too perfect !

  6. Te ha quedado genial!!!
    Has conseguido que parezca muy usado y rustico.
    Una apariencia de lo mas relal.
    besitos ascension

  7. dale: yeah, I'm rustic for sure. Possibly even primitive. Give me no right angles and I'm happy for days :)

    Flora: thanks, sweetie! Watch the mail, your package went out this morning, my Ingres-loving friend!

    Sans: Ah, you see what 5 minutes with a blunt craft knife and no motor control can do? :) Can I just say that I love your tribal house so much?

    Gracias ascensión! Rural es mi estilo favorito!

  8. Ahh...I love those mini scenes where you wonder; is it it's a , it can't be.....!!!!!!
    It looks great!!
    Synnøve :)

  9. Tienes un blog precioso me encanta.

  10. Qué hermosas cosas y qué realismo le has dado con ese tratamiento.
    Me encantan las miniaturas.
    Llegué hasta tu blog, por Ascensión, que tanto habla de vos.
    Un besito desde Argentina.Volveré.


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