Monday, January 10, 2011

Sampler and frame

This morning I made a little frame for the sampler from some moulding I had lying around.  I know from real life art that a frame always makes a piece look about one third better than it does without a frame!  I'm going to stain the frame oak to go with other pieces in Mum's roombox. (Edited to add photo of stained frame, below).

The sampler I just fabric-glued to a piece of card, let it dry, and then trimmed it to fit the frame.  Very easy to do.

I've decided to go with the gold/yellow for the Blue and White Room -- thanks to everyone for chiming in!  The colour is called "Stuart Gold" by Benjamin Moore, so I need to do my panelling first and then get painting!


  1. The sampler looks good - your mum will love it and I think the yellow background will look splendid. It's always a relief to reach a decision, isn't it?

  2. The result with the frame is beautiful :-)
    I'm glad for the choice of " Stuart gold" color :-)

  3. Just lovely, lucky mom, its great that you can share this hobby with her.

  4. You are right! The sampler is pretty itself but with the frame it looks even better!:)

  5. Irene: Yes! It does feel great to have made up my mind about the colour. I just knew, the instant I saw the first wall done, that the red wallpaper was not going to be what I wanted it to be.

    Thanks so much, Flora, Elga and Ewa -- we're having dinner at Mum's place tonight so I'm going to take it over to her!


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