Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bellpull finished

Here's the finished bellpull, photographed against the Stuart Gold of the wall I'm working on.

Now I need to go down to the workshop and cut the two inside walls for the first floor, so that I can start assembling things.

Hope you're all having great mini days!


  1. Love the bellpull with the china! And the yellow wall really sets them off. Thanks for the lovely picture.

  2. Thanks, Julia and Sandye! It's fun to work with such a bright colour for a change :)

  3. It looks brilliant with the china - an excellent choice and the wall colour has worked out very well.

  4. Nina, your bellpull is gorgeous and perfect with the china! The yellow wall is the right choice. I can't wait to see the whole room put together! Where did you say you got your mantelpiece from? It is so elegant!

  5. Love the blue and white against the gold wall, did you embroider the bell pull it is fabulous!

  6. Thanks, CF! Sorry, we must have been posting at exactly the same time! Didn't mean to ignore you ... :)

    Irene: Thank you! I'm quite relieved :)

    Daydreamer: Thanks so much! The mantlepiece is from Dovetails -- I think I bought it from them through eBay, rather than through their website.

    Margaret: the bellpull was my first piece on silk gauze, and it took me months to get up the courage to stitch it! It's a kit from Janet Granger -- really easy to do, actually.


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