Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Links for petit point sites and resources

Bobbie Schoonmaker's Afshar rug on 40 ct silk gauze

is the general term for embroidery worked on a counted canvas or fabric using tent stitch (continental stitch) and basketweave stitch.  Gros point is the larger scale stuff, worked on size 16 ct canvas and above (16 ct to 8 ct per inch).  What we use in the miniaturist's world is petit point.  Definitions for petit point vary, but the current consensus seems to be that petit point is small scale needlepoint, especially on silk gauze, smaller than 18 ct (22 ct, 32 ct, 40 ct, 48 ct up to 100 ct!)


Petitpointers group on Yahoo:  the best, most active group of people doing petitpoint on the Internet.  Most of the members are working on silk gauze, in the 40 ct range and smaller, but they're VERY welcoming of all people, including beginners, and there's no pressure to do anything but have a good time at whatever level you're working at.  Very inspirational, and a very supportive group of people.


The Needlepoint community at About.com

 Miniature Needlework Society


Micro Stitchery -- IGMA Fellow Bobbie Schoonmaker's charts and kits available here, most of them on 40 ct silk gauze.

Miniature Home -- IGMA member Melissa Boling's charts and kits here, most on 40 and 48 ct.

Janet Granger --  Beautiful charts and kits, mostly at the larger end of the petit point definition (18 - 32 ct, some on silk gauze).  She also sells some supplies.  Great starting place for beginners!

Mini Stitches -- Annelle Ferguson's site, with silk gauze kits (mostly gorgeous samplers) available

Stitches in Miniature -- some very pretty carpet designs on 22 ct canvas.

Magic Miniatures -- historical works of art charted for petit point -- some very high count charts (70 ct) and many more at 40 ct.  Charts only, some can be downloaded, which is convenient.  A wide variety of subjects.

Felicity Price -- Patterns and kits on 22 ct canvas.  Some really lovely designs -- I have her book, too :)

Cookie Ziemba -- gorgeous kits for miniature crewel work (okay, it's not petit point, but it's beautiful :))


  1. Well, I can see we have a Petit Point lover here, when the bug bites, it bites good, the worst is I look at every future furniture project (that remotely has any thing do with seating) and discard any that can't use petit point.

  2. I'm laughing over here, Elga, because I totally understand what you mean :) I've started planning a Knole Settee that will use petit point panels on the upholstery :)

  3. Nina, I have ALWAYS wanted a needlepoint settee..... the one I made for my old Dollhouse way back in my youth was just on regular needlepoint fabric..... I couldn't find petit point fabric in Central Maine all those years ago! Another project I will someday get to...!!!

  4. Oh, that Knole Settee sounds like it will be divine. The parlor in my dollhouse is arts and crafts, so I am still brain storming about that one.

  5. Dear Nina, thanks for the link, always helpful.
    Currently I have no time even to attack buttons, sigh, with the small Elisa capers around everywhere all day ...
    For the wig: of course I understand what you need :-)
    Powdered as was among the "fops" ...
    I looked around but could not find anything :-(
    However, a big hug

  6. Me gusta muchoel px y petit poiint, tienes cosas muy bonitas.
    Un abrazo


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