Sunday, January 2, 2011

Finished carpet in the bedroom and start on Blue and White Room

Here's the finished carpet in the bedroom, with its edges hemmed :)  I've always loved oriental carpets and can't afford the real thing, so I think I'll start a collection of needlepoint ones in miniature!

Here's the start of work on the fireplace wall in the Blue and White Room.  I'm still hemming and hawing over the wallpaper.  This pattern is based on a scrap of early 18th century wallpaper which I laser printed.  I can do it in other colourways, too -- but I chose red because I didn't want my blue and white china to disappear against its background.  I want to mount blue and white plates in an arrangement above the fireplace, comme ça:

Okay, it's not period, but it's yummy :)  Photo from Better Homes and Gardens found at

The wainscotting will be painted a coordinating colour to whatever I choose for the wallpaper.

What do you think?  There's the dark red, or I could do a dark blue, which might still give me enough contrast with the china, or I could go sort of goldy-ochre-orange which would be complementary to blue.  Or maybe I should do high panelling and paint it in an ochre or red? Decisions!


  1. Nina, your carpet is Gorgeous! As for the wall-paper color, at first I thought the red would be best... but your first bedroom is already red... so maybe the gold color? At the least, you should test a sample of that paper in gold so you can see it with the china! I can't wait to see what it looks like!

  2. Thanks, Daydreamer, for your comment -- it's a good idea to print some of the wallpaper and test it out -- maybe photograph the blue and white plates I have up against it.

  3. Viewed from here, your Oriental rug is really beautiful!
    The distance adds charm to things, in my opinion ...
    The room seems to be true, that an old mansion used as a hotel, as is often seen in travel agencies ...
    Ah, speaking of this room, I found a wig sale: I do not know whether it would like.
    If you want, I'll buy it and send: soon I have to order something from them :-)
    Let me know.
    Meanwhile I wish you a happy new year :-)

  4. The rug looks wonderful, I love how your whole room is looking. Beautiful :)
    Julia xxx

  5. Well done with the rug - you've made a lovely job of it. As for the plates, I would agree on trying your plates on sample papers. My first thought was a self-coloured wall but that might be my 21st century head - we've got to see it with W & M eyes and whatever was the fashion then!

    Happy New Year to you.

  6. Beautiful carpet!
    I'm such a sucker for blue and white...I do like the dark blue! But the goldy-ochre-orange is giving me pause! That could be really something too! :)

  7. Thank, everyone, for all the comments! I'm going to do some "test walls" first, and photograph my blue and white plates against them. I really want to get this right ..

    Flora, my darling! That's very kind of you :) I love that site, too. But I think that wig is not exactly what I'm looking for -- I think I want a white-powdered, full bottom wig, circa 1705. Very Handel, if you know what I mean :)

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