Sunday, June 6, 2010

Welcome to our brand new followers - part two :)

As of this post, we have 160 followers, about 158 more than I ever thought we'd have! (I was counting my Mum and husband ... :)

Thank you, all of you -- you are most welcome here, and we really appreciate your interest and comments. I've said it before, but being connected via the internet to a community of miniaturists has been the most marvellous part, for me, of this trip into dolls houses.  We don't have a miniatures club in Nova Scotia where I live, so I really do think of all of us, all around the world, as one big club!

Welcome to:

Anneke, a miniaturist from the Netherlands, who blogs at pieplyts

Blue Kitty Miniatures, a well-respected miniaturist from the United Kingdom.

Nina (hooray, another Nina!), a German miniaturist who blogs at MiniMumm.

Tiina is a Finnish miniaturist and blogs at Kalmankuja.  (I love the design of this blog!)

Juliana is a Spanish miniaturist who blogs at Las Minis del Bosque.

Maria is an Italian who blogs at Il Cucchiaino Magico (lots of great tutorials here).

Casey is an American miniaturist from Arizona, who blogs at Casey's Minis (although I always think of her site as Tessie's Minis, since a tiny witch named Tessie seems to make an awful lot of things happen in Casey's mini life!)

And there's also maria de los angeles mendez gomez, aurus35, christine, Loli, Mares, mini_babies, Angela, Natalie, Wanda and Michelle who don't seem to have blogs.  Welcome, anyway, and if I've missed your blog or website, please let me know and I'll add it!

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  1. mini_babies blog site is:



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