Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gatwick airport ... :)

Well, we're ensconced in a fake-ish pub in Gatwick, waiting for our flight home.  David's gone to get some much-needed drinks :)

Why does flying have to be so stressful?  Apparently the two pieces of carry-on luggage that were fine with Thomas Cook flying TO England are not fine with Thomas Cook flying FROM England ... oh well, we're just going to have to try to talk our way through at the gate, I guess. Between this and over-weight luggage charges, we're feeling a bit fashed :)

Anyway, enough whinging!  I'm going to post a photograph to make me feel less stressed, although it may make me feel sadder at leaving my second-favourite country in the world:

This is the view from the church hill at Lavenham, and it looks like a painting by Constable, complete with expressive Suffolk trees and tiny cattle :)

That's better!

This is a gorgeous yellow timber house on the Market Place -- very inspiring for anyone tired of the black and white Tudor colour scheme preferred by the Victorians :)

This is the DeVere House on Water Street, and was right across the street from the cottage we were staying in! It was a bit surreal to open the curtains and find oneself staring at this magnificent building ... Look at that herringbone brick infill, and every timber is carved -- it's conspicuous wealth, Tudor style :)

And, finally, goodbye to England.  I'll leave you (and me) with this photo of the gate into a tiny walled garden on the Market Place in Lavenham ...


  1. Hi Nina,

    Lavenham IS gorgeous and sooo pretty I agree, many places in Suffolk are .;o)

    Have a safe flight home! :o) Sorry you're leaving England, be sure to come back soon and maybe travel a bit further South next time! :o))

  2. So many lovely places. I love England too, my second best favourite country. Second to my homeland. Have a nice and safe flight back home. Rosanna

  3. Nina, that wonderful, wonderful trip! unforgettable landscape, the richness of detail that you gave us, for the wonderful minis that you have purchased! I drank like water, all the posts you've written there, and I was curious and a little jealous ... :))
    thank you for sharing with us all this, it is as if we came to travel with you! I am sure you will keep you forever in your heart the memory of this fantastic adventure!
    good back home, I embrace you!

  4. I want to second everything Cockerina said.
    I have loved every one of your posts. Now I want to scream... No Nina... Don't board that plane. LOL I want to see more. ;-))
    Have a safe trip home! I am so glad you have such a wonderful time.

  5. I am sorry to see your trip end as well. England is my all time favorite place to visit to you have been in the heart of my favorite places there.

    That carry on luggage thing happened to me ... three trips in a row! Same airline as well.

    Apparently the color of the houses depended somewhat on what part of the country they were in. That is what I was told by a local there.

    I am glad you had a good trip and I know exactly what you mean about having to leave.


  6. Have a good fly Nina and many thanks for sharing all this wonderful pictures of England with us .Hugs,Jeannette


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