Sunday, June 6, 2010

Miniature art pottery

Among the packages waiting for us on Friday were three lots of miniature pottery, all by artisans selling their work on Etsy. 

Here's some more work by one of my favourites; Sue Dix of Suramics Pottery.  I love the shapes of her pieces and the range of glazes, and just can't help buying a few more to add to my Sue Dix collection :)  She's a wonderful artist and really great to buy from.

I also bought two little pots in a gorgeous teal glaze by artpottery.  (I just couldn't resist the colour!) Here's one of them:

And, finally, I splurged and bought four pieces by Anita's Pottery because I loved the forms and this seafoam green glaze:

(There are only three in this photo because the fourth, a tiny jug, has been given to my Mum :) Aren't they divine?  Timeless?  Anita makes 1:1 pottery, of course, but she does a lot of 1:12 scale pottery, much of it in the kind of jewel colours common to Fiestaware.  My personal favourites, though, are the variegated colours she makes though layers of glaze.  Really classic pieces.  She's lovely to work with, too -- I fell in love with the little planter in the front of this photo, and asked if she had anything else in this glaze, and she obligingly came up with a whole slew of gorgeous pieces!


  1. I understand the fascination that these pieces have had on you: the colors are pregnant! Very, very nice!
    P.S. I'm Watching live from the Verona Arena an evening dedicated to the most famous Opera arias:'m inspired! Now there's Aida scene...

  2. They are fab, I've been looking at them in Etsy also, but haven't ordered anything yet :D

  3. Nina, I tried to get to Suramics with your link and keep getting an error message, telling me to check the address. The pottery is really wonderful and I would like to see more.

  4. It is all wonderful. I love the colors and shapes.
    Casey is right the first link doesn't work but I found that typing suramics in the search box under sellers worked fine.

  5. Oh these are all fab Nina! As usual: thanks for the links:D

  6. Ladies, you just have to type suramics in Etsy's search and it will find you it:)

  7. I just bought some Alex Meiklejohn too from Ebay. These tiny pottery look really good live, don't they? Anita's pots are gorgeous!

  8. Son muy bonitas, se ve que son muy buenos artesanos, parecen reales completamente.
    un abrazo

    They are very nice, one sees that are very good craftsmen, they seem to be royal completely.
    An embrace

  9. I'm so sorry about the first link, guys! That's what I get for not testing the URL :( It's all fixed now!


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