Monday, June 28, 2010

Stairwell and kitchen hallway

I've been moving my workroom around, and I've finally got the three pieces of the Castle off my worktable and onto the perimeter of the room, so I can wire them all together.   I used my first homemade sconce to light up the minstrel's gallery in the Great Hall, so I moved the lantern that used to be there into the stairwell/kitchen hallway.  I also made another side table for the hall.  In medieval kitchens there would often be a room devoted to the final dressing of dishes for presentation at table -- I'm imagining this little space performing something of that function!

Here it is at night:

And here's the kitchen this morning:


  1. Enhorabuena, consigues siempre unas escenas tan reales!!!!
    Me encanta como te ha quedado la cocina y el pasillo con esa luz, queda realmente fantastico, enhorabuena!!!
    besitos ascension

  2. It looks just WONDERFUL!! I love it!
    I have just read that if you add a dimmer switch to your doll house light system the bulbs will last longer. I am thinking about doing that when the time comes. Some of the lights in some doll houses seem to be a bit bright anyway. I am planning to have several lights in some rooms so that might be a good idea.

  3. Catherine, did the information your saw have directions and where to get the supplies because I don't think I've seen a rheostat for a 12 volt system before but it seems like an interesting concept.

    Nina, I have scrolled back to review all of the work you have done on this kitchen so far and I just LOVE it! There are so many details and little nooks and crannies and interesting things to see. It must be so exciting to work on it and create things for it. Wonderful piece!


  4. Your interiors always look so good with lights on and sunlight!:) Beautiful!

  5. It looks great with just the right atmosphere too. You must be very pleased with it all.

  6. Nina, I love your kitchen and hallway!

    Thank you for your compliments on my flowers. About the paper I used for the delphinium, it´s just coloured copier paper like you used yourself. I used a blue (aqua) colour and painted it with a mix of royal violet, navy blue and a little bit black. And I used the star punch.
    Thanks again for the great tutorial, you are a fantastic teacher :-)

  7. Te ha quedado perfecto.
    El efecto de la luz en el pasillo es fantastica.
    La cocina esta preciosa e invita a sentarse, emana calor.
    Desde luego tienes un gusto exquisito para poner en escena todos los detalles y trasladarnos a la epoca.
    Besitos, May

  8. Nina, another superb job ... it looks amazing! As has been said, the atmosphere with the lights on or in the sunshine is so realistic!!!


  9. That lighted hallway is amazingly real, Nina!

  10. It looks amazing and so real!
    Congratulations, well done:D



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