Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cockerina's Holiday Swap!

Alright, I've got my partners for Cockerina's Holiday Swap :)  (I have to laugh whenever Google  attempts to translate your blog name, Caterina, because it comes out as "the minis of the cute female cocker :))

Paky is going to send me items for her vacation, and I'm going to send items for my vacation to Carolina!

I'm going on an (imaginary) vacation to museums, art galleries and opera houses, and I'm not sure at all what I'm going to make for Carolina!  She likes shabby chic and spooky things, though, so I'll probably keep to that theme :)  What will I do????

Thanks so much to Caterina for organizing this extravaganza!


  1. Nina! you made me fall out of chair, laughing!! I love the Google translation of "cute female cockers"! too cute! I had not ever realized!
    you must do the minis for Carolina following the theme of YOUR holiday, not the style of Carolina! so why are you worried?
    is like if you say to Carolina: "I am going to visit this city with its museum, its old town, etc. .. you come with me? I'll baggage!"
    Make your suitcase and put into things for Carolina, that's all, simple as drinking a glass of water! ha ha!
    a big kiss and good work!
    Caterina... cute female cockers!!!!

  2. That's funny, I was wondering what that was about too, as I have a cocker spaniel I wondered why Caterina would call herself that when she isn't talking about dogs at all. What does it mean:0?

  3. Hi, Caterina! I'm not worried about it :) I just want to make something that Carolina will like! I understand that I make it with my own theme, but I can do that and make something that will fit Carolina's minis!

  4. Translating with Google is a lot of fun!:) Have a good time with this swap!:)

  5. Love the translation lol

    I am not taking part but am excited to see what everyone makes :-)

  6. Nice translation LOL!!! Don't worry, I'm sure I like anything you dou for me. I've got by this time three dollhouses (the witch's house from Hansel& Gretel, a Shabby House and a tudor one that I'm trying to build from a kit but is taking me ages...) so, I'm sure anything you do for me, I would love to have it in my dollhouses. I can't wait to see it!!! Get excited and make things ;-)


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