Saturday, June 26, 2010

My William and Mary room :)

I've collected so many things circa 1670 - 1710 for the William and Mary house that I'm using the ground floor room in the Castle tower for them.  They seem to be happier all together, and I like looking at them and imagining the building we're going to make for them!

Every miniature has a story or a meaning, now.  When I look at this scene, I see the settee by Kris Compass, the blue and white delft-ware that Ewa sent me from Poland, the silver decanter that Flora gave me and the dummy board that Susanne made, as well as the clock kit that one of the girls made at Knit Wits, the chinoiserie secretary I painted, the needlework I stitched, the hydrangeas I made .... It's so full of memories, and I've only been at this such a short time!  I can only imagine how layered with meaning are the mini- scenes and houses of those of you who've been doing this for decades :)

My favourite artist has always been Holbein the Younger. I love portaits more than any other artistic genre, and I feel that Holbein's technical mastery and his insight into human beings made him able to show me real people, bridging the centuries between their world and our own.  I remember the first time I went to the National Portrait Gallery in London, and saw some of his work in the flesh, as it were -- I went to swoon over the anonymous portrait of Richard III (did anyone else have crushes on historical figures? :)) and eventually came face to face with Christina of Denmark and The Ambassadors.  Amazing.

Anyway, when I saw this miniature version of Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling by Euro Minis I had to order her (from eBay) -- and I had just the right frame for her in my frame collection! (Sorry the focus is on the dresser and not the foreground, but I like the fact that Gentleman with a Cane is peeking around the corner at Lady with a Squirrel and a Starling ... :)


  1. Funnily enough, it all fits in that room very well, don't you think? It's good to have a sneak peek of things together before the room's finished too. There are some lovely pieces there and I'm looking forward to seeing the house you create round them.

  2. Yes, Irene, I think it DOES work well in that room! I can't even remember what this room was supposed to be in Tudor times, now :)

  3. Nina, the evolution of your castle room is just like the centuries passing in real life! Each generation adding to the room to make it more homey - yet still within the constraints of the castle walls....I LOVE the way it looks! I am having similar centuries upon centuries moments in my Lovely Old Dollhouse...just which century should it be? It is beautiful....just beautiful!

  4. Great room!All the things look so good together:)Truly, does it matter what this room was originally for? Well it might when you build William and Mary house ;)I like the atmosphere there so warm and homely:)

  5. I like to look at my mini's together to see what goes with what. Your room looks immensely cosy and I thought the man with the stick was a real character/doll and not a dummy board! Mini's are a personal creation and I can't wait to see what else you rustle up! :o)

    I have been collecting mini's on and off since I was young and I also have many pieces that I have made myself. I can always remember when I made something or where I bought it...and the wonderful day I had when I bought my mini's from various shops and fairs. Mini's indeed are full of memories and nostalgia! :o))

    Michelle xxx

  6. What a success - everything is perfect and fits together so well!! Having the further depth of the history of friendship in the minis is a treasure. I'm inspired to do the same with my own minis - it may get me going on my houses a bit faster, and as Michelle says, you can then see what goes together and what may not.

    I know what you mean about seeing art in real life - I have been transfixed in front of a real Monet (it was a purply waterlilies one), a 17th century portrait of Elizabeth of Bohemia ('she was actually in the same room as this portrait!' - being a colonial, such things fascinate me - all those lucky Europeans and Brits living amongst history) and the most fabulous one was a huge tapestry in a Liberty Arts and Crafts exhibition - I stood in front of it for two hours, gobsmacked. It was so beautiful!!

  7. William and Mary should be extremely pleased! The room looks great.I love what you did.

  8. Nina,

    It is a wonderful room. I think everything you put in it looks like it belongs there.

  9. It looks fantastic, the wonderful minies really belong together :) And isn't it just fabulous how these little pieces just bring the room alive :)

  10. The furniture does look good together and the chinoiserie secretaire you painted is fabulous, I would love to try doing that!

  11. This is a beautiful room! I know exactly what you mean about looking at your setting and remembering. I can forget everything but somehow, I never forget who made what for me :). Only where I put them sometime.

    Great work putting them together, Nina. I hope you had a great show :).

  12. The room excites me, because I'm also listening to beautiful music that serves as a perfect background. Every detail is attended with love and this is also reflected in the picture. But the real art is judged better live, as you say. I wonder if we ever get the chance to see firsthand these masterpieces: would be left speechless, as in museums. To me it always happens, when I have the chance to see works of art and realize that there are really, not just about books ...

  13. Esta es la habitación que me gustaría tener como modelo a imitar, quizás no con el mismo estilo de muebles, pero si con el amor que usted describe, y llenarla de recuerdos de gentes amables y grandes artistas.
    En cuanto al arte, que seria de nosotros sin el creo que todos tendremos cerca o conoceremos arte que nos impresiona y nos enamora.
    un abrazo

    This it is the room that me it would like to have as model to imitate, probably not with the same style of furniture, but if with the love that you describe, and artists to fill her with recollections of nice and big peoples.
    As for the art, which serious of us without I believe that we all will have nearby or will know art that impresses us and inspires love in us.
    An embrace

  14. REalmente fascinante como nos has presentado la habitación, con todos sus detalles y recuerdos.
    Has logrado un salón muy acogedor.
    Besitos, May

  15. I'm so thrilled to see my man in your house Nina. Glad you got him ok.

    He looks very at home.

    Stephen and I always call him Lord Fancypants....'cos of that twinkle in the eye!

  16. Thank you so much, Sue -- I am in love with Lord Fancypants :)

  17. I am so impressed, this is beautiful. I studied the history of furniture in my interior design classes and this is right up my alley. Dressedtothe9s


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