Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Colchester Dolls House Shop

Yesterday David and I drove down to Colchester in Essex to visit the Colchester Dolls House shop.

I didn't get any shots inside the shop, but this is what I bought:

The plain porcelain dishes I intend to paint myself.  I loved the Tudor hinges, and hope to use them in the kitchen :)  The copper kitchen tools I'll definitely age and refinish.

The little salt box will end up in one kitchen or another.  I got the two planters because I want to build a couple of topiaries.  The blue and white pottery will end up in the William and Mary house, and the little metal mug and goblets are by Falcon Miniatures.

I splurged a little on this Tudor standing light fixture for the castle.  I liked the mortar and pestle and the giant tankard, and the little gravy boat is by Warwick Miniatures and is destined for the William and Mary house.

And here are some items for Mum's roombox:  plates for the plate rail and a lamp for the desk :)  The shop didn't have either of the dolls house shops I was most interested in seeing in stock (as far as we could see) so I decided not to buy a building, and David and I will try to construct our own dolls house pub.

We can't quite believe it, but today was our last day in England.  It's been an amazing, wonderful trip!  Today the sun was shining (for a change :) and we decided to tour Lavenham itself starting with the National Trust museum in the Guildhall.  (David and I have taken tons of reference photos of this historic village and will post a selection on our Flickr account when we get back home.)    We had lunch at the Three Horseshoes, supper at The Greyhound (seriously, if you ever find yourself in Lavenham, have the Newmarket sausages and mash here :) and in between I visited some antique shops for 1:1 treasures!

We'll be heading out to the airport at 8 am tomorrow morning, so I'll try to catch up while we're waiting at Gatwick for our flight home :)


  1. Another lot of beautiful treasures!:) Glad to read you had a great trip! Have a safe flight home :)

  2. I have loved reading about your trip and seeing all the wonderful things you bought. Have a safe trip home. I look forward to seeing how you use all these new treasures. Also to seeing more photos in Flickr

  3. Wonderful things you've bought :) Have a nice and safe trip home :)

  4. We therefore come to the end of the journey ... I am a bit 'sad, but I had fun! Was just like being with you ... Now I just wish you safe journey home. Besides, you'll have plenty to do, you put all your purchases fantastic :-)

  5. Es todo muy bonito a sido un viaje muy provechoso para usted.
    un abrazo

    It is quite very nice to been a very profitable trip for you.
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