Saturday, June 12, 2010

Edwardian roombox -- with English purchases :)

It's a perfect June day -- bright, hot, not too much wind.  I'm running around all day looking after the opera festival (we're rehearsing Don Giovanni right now, in preparation for a four stop tour of Nova Scotia),  but I had to make a little mini time!  I took the mahogany pieces over to Mum's this afternoon and photographed the room box as it stands now:

All the castle's cats are still hanging out in Mum's roombox -- I think they find the Edwardian era warmer and more comfortable than the Tudor, and that matters a lot to felines.  I think Mum's terrier is a little offended that four cats are using up all the hearth!

It's amazing the difference all the accessories make to the place.  It looks much cosier and more like home now!

I've got to go take care of some musical business, but I'll be back later!


  1. I love how it looks Nina!
    Please come by my blog...I have an inspiration award for you!

  2. These pieces you got recently fit in there very well, especially the table under the window. Mum must be very pleased with it.
    Good luck with the Opera Festival when the time comes.

  3. Wow... I like your scene! In particular the fireplace is so real...

  4. Thanks for the award, Anthoula! I'll be right over :)

    Irene -- thanks for the comment. I really like the table, too. The festival is going well -- we've already had an (easily fixed) crisis so I hope that nothing else goes pear shaped!

    Mari: Thank you! I love the fireplace, and am so glad I took the advice of other bloggers and painted it all black :)

  5. Your mum must be so happy - this is lovely!
    The cats obviously like the fire.

  6. It looks so nice, you've done wonderful job with the room and I can imagine how happy your mom is :)

    Good luck for your production :)

  7. Your scene is fabulous!

  8. It looks so pretty and cosy with all these beautiful minies and animals:) The dog realy looks a bit offended;)
    Good luck with your concerts!

  9. ("Madamina, il catalogo è questo...")
    The room is beautiful. To me, the fireplace is the centerpiece and I understand why the kittens love to be there before ... The dog will accept it!
    All purchases are fully inserted, you have chosen well :-)

  10. It has come along beautifully great choices of accessories your mum must be really pleased

  11. Nina,

    It is lovely! Don't you just love William Morris wallpaper! That helps to set the time period along with the fireplace. Of course the furniture is all just perfect too. It is a room I would like to sit in!

  12. It is lovely, your Mum must love it.

  13. Everything fits very well Nina ... Lucky Cats!!


  14. Es un sitio muy agradable, consiguió una sala bonita y acogedora, no me extraña que los gatos estén bien en ella.

    It is a very agreeable site, it obtained a nice and cozy room, it does not surprise his that the cats are nice in her.

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  17. Really love those cats :):). Break a leg, Nina!

  18. It was wonderful before but even better now. Your Mom is very lucky.

    Good luck with Don Giovanni.

  19. I love the Edwardian room box with the plush red chair and the picture of Downton Abbey on the wall behind it. Do Canadians like Downton Abbey as much as we Americans do? Pleas tell me I am not the only one going through withdrawals while I wait for season 3? I can picture Lady Mary sitting in the red chair as she contemplates he upcoming Wedding Day. If you can't get enough of Downton Abbey and dollhouse miniatures take a minute to see my recent post at and let me share what I found. Keep on giving me my Downton Abbey fix, I think I can hold on a little longer now.


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