Monday, June 7, 2010

McQueenie Miniatures kits

I spent a pleasant two hours last night working on the four McQueenie's kits I bought in England, and here are the results so far.  I found these kits really easy to do, much less fiddly than the little joint stools I had put together before.  Everything went together like a charm!

The desk, chair and bookcase will be finished to bring out the natural character of the wood (mahogany).  I'm going to tone down the red of the aumbry a little, when I come to finish it, so it looks more like oak.

I had a lot of fun with the aumbry, paring down the edges with a craft knife so that it wouldn't look TOO machined and perfect :) (I think I'm addicted to whittling miniature furniture ...)  Now I have to install teeny tiny hinges with microscopic nails -- wish me luck!


  1. They look great, I have to remember the brand when looking for furniture :)

  2. Are you sure the top is on the table correctly? I would have put it the other side down....mmm :-)

    The wood in these kits is very pretty.


  3. I would have said that, too, Tabitha, except that that's the way it is in the reference photo :) I agree that it might look better the other way around!

    The wood is very pretty: nice fine grain.

  4. whittling?!!! oh my, I would end up doing untold damage to myself, I cant even cut vegetables up without slicing bits off my fingers!!! great job & Good luck with the nails x

  5. A mi la madera se me da francamente mal, aun siendo kits.
    A ti te ha quedado maravillosamente bien, el color es muy bonito.
    besitos ascension

  6. What a beautiful kit and a nice design. The wood grain looks smooth and very fine...

  7. I love this little cupboard - that was one of my choices when I was looking for the cupboard for the office, only I was thinking of buying two of them and putting them together;)Beautiful colour!:)

  8. WOW Nina,

    You work at lightening and frightening speed! lol These look great and I like the idea that you are ageing the Aumbry. I've made 6 of the McQueenie kits and I was no where as quick as you! lol One of the bed sides was warped so it made it more of a challenge to make. I didn't bother with the tiny nails though, I stuck the hinges on with super glue and you honestly can't see the nails are not in situ. :o)

    Michelle xxx

  9. No way I could get that many kits together in four hours. You sure are fast! Don't you love those kits! I bought a couple of them not long ago. They will look great in your settings for them.

  10. You certainly don't let the grass grow! They look great and will fit in very well. I love the shape of the chair.

  11. They are beautiful! I love them all. Wonder if anyone in the US carries them?!


  12. Thanks, everyone! I like doing kits -- they take the heavy thinking out of making miniatures :) I found these really easy to do.

    I haven't seen a North American distributor, Jody, but I did mail order the joint stool kits from the UK and it was pretty reasonable. With the pound relatively weak, it's a good buy, for sure!

  13. Already at work! These furniture are splendid, you do not see that this is a kit, it seems (and is!) the work of a professional craftsman!
    Happy surfing :-)

  14. I can't beleive you've only just got back from vacation and are off making already...speedy lol

    I've just been playing catch up...I've been so busy I've not had chance to get on here.

    I was just reading your English adventures and it made me so homesick :-( Especially the pint and fish and chips lol.

    I hope to make it back 'home' later this year.

  15. Hey Nina, just to let you know I sent the gifts to you yesterday - hope you will get them soon :)

  16. son muy bonitos, le están quedando muy bien,es cierto que la mesa quizas luciera mejor con la tapa de otra forma.
    pero en los detalles esta la genialidad.
    un abrazo

    They are very nice, still have to him very well, it is true that the table probably was seeming better with the lid of another form.
    But in the details this genius.
    An embrace


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