Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some nice things in the post!

My husband and his brother are paneling the ceiling in our real living room ( I wish it could go as quickly as things can in dolls' house scale) so I haven't been able to do much mini-ing.

But the post has brought some lovely things. I received my order from Sue Cook today - more on that soon. My new front door is going to be amazing, and I'm really glad that I rethought the approach I was going to take.

And I got these brass jewelry findings from a seller on eBay - they're little beehives or birdcages, just over an inch high. Whatever they were meant to be, they're going to be painted black and turned into lanterns for the attic. I think they may actually look quite convincing ...

I've been working hard on sorting out my workroom upstairs, and last week the kids and I moved their dolls houses up there. It was nice getting some order imposed on the chaos there!


  1. Hello Nina,
    Grewat find. i look forward to seeing the lanterns.
    Big hug,

  2. Could we see your workroom? It sounds full of ideas!
    I love those bead-thingies. They WILL make great lanterns! Good imagination!

  3. Hello Nina! I love jewelry findings and I love thinking outside the box and so I believe that you have some wonderful lanterns waiting for you just around the corner! Great Idea!



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