Sunday, March 3, 2013

Second front door on William and Mary House

On Thursday I cut the second door front for the dolls' house, and cut out the window openings. I've decided to go with two windows for each of the rooms, partly because it's more typical of the period and partly because it'll cut down on the number of bricks I have to apply!

I added the quoins and have just now finished making and painting the waist.

It gets more like a real dolls' house every week!


  1. Hi Nina,

    Your project looks amazing. I've enjoyed watching the progress and how beautiful each room looks. By the way, I love your name "The Dangerous Mezzo." As a classical singer myself, I think your name is terrific

    Thanks for the great posts. Looking forward to seeing more!

    All best,

  2. It's really coming along now. Have you much further to go before the end of this project?


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