Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bricks coming along on dollhouse front!

Yes, it takes a long time to apply individual bricks - this is the result of two evenings' work.

I'm mixing the excellent brick Versi Slips from Richard Stacey with two other colours home made from sandpaper - a paler and a darker.


  1. Nina, you are Such an Inspiration!!! I have been trying to decide for ages whether to try the sandpaper bricks or the egg carton bricks on my Lovely Old Dollhouse! I figure I will start with the chimneys in case I can't bear doing the Entire house! Your sandpaper bricks look so good, I am leaning towards trying them! Are they hard to cut to size? This house is looking really Fantastic!

  2. The sandpaper ones are pretty easy to cut. I use a guillotine style paper cutter to cut them into strips and then just hand cut them to match the brick slips I have (3/4 of an inch long). I like the texture of the sandpaper, too, and there are some great colours already available. It's easy to colour the sheets, too -- diluted acrylic paint stippled on works a treat! Egg cartons would make good quoins or stones :)



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