Thursday, March 7, 2013

More bricks!

Today is Knitwits and I hope to post some photos of the kids' projects, which are coming along so well.

Here's the first bay of the main house this morning - almost done!


  1. Thanks, Elga! I get really excited, now that I can see it all coming together. Like, ridiculously excited :)

  2. Oh, Wow, Nina! It looks so Stately and Elegant!!! I can't wait to see the Front Door in place with the bricks too! How are you hinging the center section door? I always worry that the open doors of the middle part will get in the way when viewing the whole house open...! Is there a simple solution for that problem?

  3. Well done with the brick work. It's all starting to come together now.

  4. Hi, Daydreamer -- I may be using a different front door, more about that soon :) The centre door will be hinged on the right side of the middle section. I worry about it obscuring the inside, too, actually! One possibility would be to have a removable middle door (perhaps attached with magnets) but I think I'll just keep on with my original plans ...

    Thanks so much, Irene -- I'm really loving doing the exterior work.


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