Saturday, January 29, 2011

Okay, this isn't a miniature post, either :)

I've been doing other things besides minis lately, so this isn't a mini post either, sorry!

I went to the store on Thursday to buy stuff to make baklava with the Knitwits (it went brilliantly and now home made baklava is my most favourite dessert ever :) and the store had tulips on sale.  It was fate.

The funny thing is that I've never really liked tulips all that much, but since researching the 17th century, I have come to love them because of the amazing vases designed just for them.   I also planted some wild and wonderful frilly ones in my front garden that delighted me for weeks this last spring, so I've had a change of heart towards tulips and I'm very happy.  It seems beastly to dislike a flower, somehow.

And here's a photo of the entire Welsh dresser that David made for me a couple of years ago for my blue and white ware and pewter.  He designed it extra tall just to fit into this little space we had in our dining room area:


  1. Your tulips look just the thing in their special vase and how nice to have a custom built piece of furniture like your dresser. It certainly says "Jacobean" to me!

  2. The dresser is great! And again so is your collection! :D

  3. The tulips look so pretty in your new vase and the dresser is amazing!

  4. Those tulip vases are outrageous!! They are so far out there you just gotta love 'em!!
    It looks just perfect with flowers in it :D

    The filled dresser is simply splendid!!

  5. Your dresser looks beautiful!
    I love those 17th century tulip vases, I still want to buy a large (12th scale) model from Henny Staring, but I'll need to save a while longer before I can ;)
    I have found that when I start researching a period I start appreciating it much more too. A few years ago I started researching the Rococo styles in art and architecture, and although at first I found it way too over the top, I now quite like its decorative styles.

  6. Beautiful. I have similar blue and white ware.


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