Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bellpull stitiching done

Yesterday I finished the stitching on the bellpull -- I'm in the process of hemming it and adding the pewter top and a tassel on the bottom!

I've learned that one should never carry a dark coloured thread from one area of the canvas to another, because it WILL show up behind a light background :)   Good lesson to learn!

And I learned how much I love stitching on silk gauze. I'd like to thank the Petitpointers and my other friends in the mini world for your encouragement to give this a try!

What skills have you learned in the mini world that you never thought you'd have?


  1. It's lovely Nina, love the blue and white color scheme!!! LOL!!! Woodwork is the skill I thought I will never be able to do, I remember the first time I was going to a friend to learn how to use a jigsaw, I had nightmares about losing limbs. That was before mini's, we made our own boxes, etc to decoupage. Thank goodness, because I don't think I would have ever had the confidence to start a dollhouse without this experiece and I still have all my limbs :-)

  2. Pretty pattern and great work Nina!
    As for me all the Office's building was something I thought I would never do ;) So everything I do is a new thing for me ;D

  3. 10/10 for patiences on this! It'll be nice to see it in situ.

  4. Elga: jigsaws are scary. What a great experience, though, since it gave you enough confidence to move on to dollhouses :) The table you've done is very beautiful, largely because of its simplicity of design and the fineness of the work and finish.

    Ewa: it's been such a delight watching Snape's Office progress from the individual bricks to its current state of perfection :) That's one of the lovely things about miniatures, I think -- it's a cumulative art form, isn't it? The layers of detail just build and build ... A bit like needlework :)

    Irene: Thank you so much! I've just received some 40 ct gauze, so I'm going to have to pick something to make on it :)


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